An open letter to Leeds United about Sam Byram

Subject: An open letter to Leeds United about Sam Byram
From: A Leeds Fan
Date: 28 Sep 2015

We've seen a lot of footballer's get too big for their boots over recent years. In fact it seems as though they all take cues off of one another when they decide to be difficult.

Now it seems that one time loyal Sam Byram has been watching a little too much of Raheem Sterling and the result is that he's been refusing to sign a new contract. It is sad to me that players will become the perceived talent and talisman of a club and the players reward this status with a reluctance to sign a new deal.

Fans and club a like know that no one is bigger than the club, after these players have been and gone, with their careers fading away into the background the club will long be there.

What is interesting is that a club with a strong youth policy will bring the likes of Byram up from a young age and as soon as they have a good season they will be looking elsewhere and make no issue over letting everyone know. The issue is that if they don't move then both the club and fans are left with a player they know doesn't respect the shirt and won't be willing to give his all to the club.

As much as the fans know Byram is a good player, they also know the club can get a good deal of money for him and that he won't be shining as brightly if he were to play in the premiership.

Things have to have been pretty uncomfortable as Cellino even announced that he knows Byram believes he's too big for the club, regardless of Byram's professionalism. Often I feel it is the snaking and money making of the agents that puts players in this "too big..." mindset and all because they seem some additional zeros on a cheque heading their way.

So good riddance to Byram once the time comes, lets hope we can make some money out of him and although the pay might be better lets see if he can make any impact on a stage that might be too big for him.