Open letter to Lebron James

Subject: Open letter to Lebron James
From: Carlitoe Wilson
Date: 19 Oct 2016

Dear Lebron James the reason i'm writing to you because you are my inspiration and i like the way you say to all of your haters are things like i'm the best player in the world and nobody can change that. The real reason i’m saying this is because that you are truly my favorite player in the Nba and i respect you as an Athlete and a person. The only reason why people hate on you is because people just hate on athletes just because they are people in a sport that they can't play or they don't like Players attitudes towards the team or other players. See this is why i like you as an athlete you don't really care for anybodys opinion on anything or anyone that's like my attitude towards people at this school i don't really care for anybody except friends and family just like you. I Just wanted to congratulate you on your 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Champions and i Hope you bring another title towards Cleveland, Ohio and Best of luck this regular Season And The Playoffs. Another Thing i want to say is That do you ever have any young players that come up to and ask you how do you get so good at Basketball and if you do what do you say?

So let's talk a little about my life Well when i was 8 i played AAU Basketball and i only played 1 year and i got an injury to my leg and after i got injured i couldn't play for a while so i was like a couch potato. I never moved an inch most of the time but i still went to school and after school i would secretly go outside cause my mom worked a lot of the time so i would sneak out and play ball with kids around the neighborhood. I would always do this but one time my mom caught me outside and for 2 months i had to stay at my cousin's house so i wouldn't get prevented or distracted so that summer i had to stay there and we just worked on my running and pushups and getting better at basketball as a whole and just working on my game then when i was 13 i tried out for the team and i didn't make it that whole year i was depressed so i worked even harder then before then i was 14 and then didn't make it again but my grades reflected that current year so i really messed up myself. When i got into high school my Grades started to slip so i tryed to get them up and it didnt work out so i didnt try out for it. So this year my sophomore year i am trying out and hopefully it goes well. But i just wanted to say you are my Inspiration and i will always try harder and harder just to fulfill my dream To be in the NBA some day and i will do it IM Carlitoe Wilson And this is my story.