An open letter to Jose Mourinho from a non Chelsea Fan

Subject: An open letter to Jose Mourinho from a non Chelsea Fan
From: A very happy non Chelsea Fan.
Date: 5 Aug 2015

Dear Jose,

First I want to congratulate your side for winning the Premier League. I agree that it is the hardest competition to win throughout Europe. I also want to put a few things straight. Chelsea have undoubtedly been the strongest team this year and I will agree that many of the journalists and fans calling them ‘boring’ is pretty unfair as they have been set up to play to their strengths depending on which team they are up against.

I can only apologise for some of the low comments made from Arsenal fans regarding this point especially when we have been in the past labelled ‘Boring, Boring Arsenal’, but this period was also very good for our club in terms of trophies.

What I will say though is this. Football sometimes is unjust. Chelsea are a disgrace, have absolutely no grace and are universally hated not only in this own country but throughout Europe.

Now you may follow this up with, ‘Oh, everyone always hates another team being champions,’ but there’s more to it than that…

When Manchester United were dominating the top flight, you couldn’t fail to acknowledge the way the club was run. They were the biggest asset to the Premier League. Alex Ferguson had his moments, yes, but generally everything he did was done with a certain amount of respect for his fellow sides or manager.

Look at Chelsea… Roman Abramovich? A vile creature of a man who even sacked you once before. A man who has absolutely no idea about football, yet he wants complete involvement in all manners of the way the club is run.

Then look at the players, and in particular the player who should be the pinnacle of your club, the Captain.

John Terry is a great centre back, with this there is no doubt. But as a man he is as low as they come. He was racist to a family member of a player that he had an international football partnership with, and he slept with a friend’s wife (Wayne Bridge). Let’s put him up against, say, Tony Adams. Tony had his issues off the pitch, mainly around drinking but look how he came back and dealt with that. Terry has never apologised to either party. How he can be considered a role model at a club of Chelsea’s stature is repulsive.

From that we will move onto the fans. I don’t want to waste too much time on them but I would ask is there a more hated selection of fans in the Premier League? What they did representing the country in Paris was embarrassing and went pretty unpunished from the club and the FA.

Then there is you. How can a manager that has been so successful at every club he has been be so universally repulsed by the majority of football fans and managers globally? The reason in my opinion is that you lack respect. We should have realised this when you were running the length of the touchline when you were Porto boss at Old Trafford all those years ago. You are constantly looking to infuriate and play mind games with fellow managers and they produce far more bad than good. Wenger and Fergie had their battles but it was always focused on a group like a team rather than individual battles against specific people. Respect is a huge part of our game, but you often walk away without a handshake if the result has not gone your way, or perhaps if the result is so far in your favour. Football is a gentleman’s game and the longer you are in it you are tarnishing its reputation.

So as you can see, the chairman, the manager, the players and the fans are all vile. They deserve no place in the records along sides the likes of Man Utd. You have no place alongside the likes of Sir Alex, Terry has no place alongside the likes of Tony Adams….

Your club is vile, you are vile.

Much love…

A very happy non Chelsea Fan.