msnbc president

Subject: msnbc president
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 24 Feb 2020

The management of msnbc
don't take this the wrong way but whenever you booked Washington post writer msnbc analyst Eugene Robinson on one of daytime or primetime shows dicussions political topics regardless the topic is about it takes Mr. Robinson a long time to finish his thoughs on the topics with suttering & mumbling it would be nice if you keep speech short very short just saying!is it other pundits msnbc analysts you can't have more to share their views besides Mr. Robinson again nothing against him but his mumbling really sometimes is just annoying like can you hurry up your training thought! It just my view if you're going to have Eugene Robinson your daytime &primetime shows keep his views as short as possible so that other analyst panel can get a chance to talk it just a suggestion nothing personal against Eugene Robinson but his mumbling &suttering is just annoying!