An Open Letter to the Human Race

Subject: An Open Letter to the Human Race
From: Another Human
Date: 8 Jul 2016

I'm having a hard time understanding our purpose in the world. The human race in all its time has done nothing but destroy, kill, bomb, steal, lie, cheat, rape, dominate, oppress, manipulate, I mean the list goes on and on. We live by the stories of our atrocities and believe our time to be better than before. But take a big long look at the world we are in now and try and convince me that we are better than our history. If anything our history shows us just how screwed up we really are. Our societies are built on the fear and stereotypes instilled on us for generations. In all aspects of life we are either with someone or against someone and always seeking revenge for wrong doings. After 9-11 we bombed civilians and called it the price of war. We kill those who kill us, torture those who threaten us, supress those who revolt against us. That is not democracy or freedom, it's power and we have the power to make the whole world bleed and we choose to do so. Why is it that we never choose to reconcile instead? Is it too easy to forgive? Is it too weak?
As humans we believe we are superior, put here on earth to control it. But we have done nothing but demolish it. Think about how the world would be without us, without people who cut down forests, who don't pollute every source of water, who don't kill off species for fun. Think of a world where we don't exist, where we don't strip its resources, where the circle of life would be a circle and would continue in harmony. Would the world be better? No murder, no bombs, no money, no greed, no politics, no lies, nothing. But this is not the world we live in. There may come a time when we no longer exist but it will be from our own destruction.
So where does this leave us? Mad, angry, upset, and frustrated. The events that have happened in the past few days have hit us like wrecking balls and we still find ourselves on the opposite sides pointing fingers and generalizing each groups. Black lives matter, it is evident in all aspects of society that the system is unjust. So fight for justice. Stand tall and demand change from the people we supposably elect. No longer should people be afraid to be killed because of the color of their skin. This has gone on way too long. We should be able to trust the people who are supposed to protect us and that there will be punishment for those who are killed when it wasn't necessary. Don't sit behind a computer and post about how it's justified to shoot to kill because they are a felon. That's not how it's supposed to be done and you know that. When 11 police officers are shot and 5 are killed mourn with their community. Don't comment on a video, cowardly behind a screen, saying that's fewer murders off the street. That's stereotyping, generalizing, and the cycle of hate, mistrust, and violence against one another continues. Sadly the reality is there are two sides and if you aren't on one than you are on the other. So how do we overcome this? How do we find justice for both sides? How do we reconcile with one another? How do we make lasting change in our society? I don't fucking know..
All I know is that we are here. We were created for a reason and only God knows why. Maybe it's because in the midst of fire and chaos He sees those of us who will rise from the ashes. Those who will overcome hate and spread unrelenting love. He sees the people who will seek justice and peace not revenge. He sees those who will inspire forgiveness and change. He sees those who will bring us all together. We are made to be relational, we are made to have community. So be these people, be the person who seeks justice but also listens and respects the voice of others. Be the person who instills change not fear. I don't know if in the end the human race will do more good than bad. What I do know is that love is always the answer. Love your neighbor and they may love you back. If every person chose to do this on their own, how different the world would be.