Open letter to HRD minister India

Subject: Open letter to HRD minister India
From: Anonymous
Date: 18 Nov 2016

The story I am going to write is true but I am going to write it anonymously because I am not brave enough to handle the consequences.
There is a lady who is 56 years old and differently able; goes to a kind of remote village to teach in a government school which has no direct connectivity from her home; though she can be easily transferred to the nearest school but thanks to the inefficiency, corruption and politics her plea was rejected several times over last one decade. She can't help but to be late, which is wrong. But this has given reasons to few people to blackmail and threaten the lady.
She has to face the village people and explain everyday why she is late, alright! she explains because she knows she was late which is wrong.
She refuses to give few bags of grain from mid-day meal ration to him and he abuses her verbally in front of the students but she keeps quiet because she knows she was late.
The person brings his friends in night, drink alcohol and enter the mid-day meal room, She keeps quiet because she knows she was late.
She is alleged that spoiled food is served to the kids, she proves it wrong but doesn't complain against the continuous disturbance from these elements because she knows she was late.
There is no 100% availability to teach the students because she has to do all the clerical work despite there is a clerk's vacancy, but she keeps quiet because she was late.
She is mentally harassed and taught by an illetterate how to do the job, but she keeps quiet because she was late.
Her way at the main gate was blocked by the person and does not let the lady get inside the school, she keeps quiet because she was late.
Any human would be affected, and you would understand that she is mentally harassed, but she keeps quiet because she was late.
She cannot roar in anger because the consequences might affect her family and she keeps quiet because she was late.
She has the responsibilities so she is tensed and becomes diabetes patient but she keeps quiet because she was late.
She is a lady, 56 years old she has to keep quiet for just one reason because she was late.
I know it is wrong to be wrong, but at the same time it is impossible to be perfect but should we let others take advantage of being imperfect?
There are so many government teachers, employees who are given the responsibilities to handle not just to educate children but to handle other works with impeccable disturbance. What government does to make sure that these government servants are given enough protection that they can be the head of the school and handle the responsibilities efficiently? Nothing!!
I am not the judge to decide what is wrong and right. She gets late, Period. But why the unauthorized people put allegations and teachers spend precious time in proving them false. Why there is no other system in place which checks the allegations first before accusing such ladies, because this is not the story of just this lady but the daily life of so many others. They have to deal with these elements in strange remote villages but they keep quiet because they know that they are wrong somewhere and it is not the safe place to go against the locals. They do their jobs ignoring the immense torture and threat.
It is a misfortune of our country that we hear the India's growth saga, but internally we are so broken, so inefficient, so resistant to growth. I hope that like this handicapped lady our system doesn't become handicapped.