open letter House speaker Paul Ryan

Subject: open letter House speaker Paul Ryan
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 7 Jan 2018

Paul Ryan let me say this the tax bill that you & your republicans colleague pass isn't very popular nor you can say it will created economics growth bringing back jobs increase wages you hoping but, you know it isn't for sure that the tax bill is going to do that .your next agenda is to cut off entitlements from those that make less then seventy-five dollars also the ones that pay into the system that earn that money just to pay for this tax bill to you & your cronies particular your Gop donors. I know this been your dream as house speaker as well the gop to cut entitlements to those that earn it & perhaps those that doesn't deserve it thinking everyone is looking for a hand out well I'm not sure is that true because their are people out their who really with disabilities & other health issues but, it doesn't matter to rich guys like yourself who was born into rich life who never held down a honest paying job but, you want to take away or cut entitlements just for your donors special interests etc & the hell with the middle &low income making families as long you & your cronies keep your wealth and your supporters 's wealth you stinks as a congressman & a human being!