An Open Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton

Subject: An Open Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton
From: Jason Leineweber
Date: 24 Oct 2019

An Open Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Dear Mrs. Clinton:
I am writing to say what needs to be said. It is now obvious and clear that the Russians interfered heavily in the 2016 election, and as you said, we have an illegitimate president. You must get in this race and run again in 2020. As a country, we still need you, now more than ever.

When I read your book "What Happened", there were three quotes that stood out to me, that I would like to remind you of, to see the importance of this:

1. "Never, ever give up"
2. "Dare to compete"
3. "Step up, and go for what you believe in"

Mrs. Clinton you have a mission, a dream, and a purpose. Not achieving this is not an option and the worst case scenario for our country. Do not worry about what the Democratic party may or may not think about your candidacy. Go get out there and be yourself! You were and still are, the most qualified person for the job. There are 66 million of us out here that already know this... and I am betting that there are now a few of the 62 million who didn't think so, that may be ready to change their minds.

If you are worried about your age, please don't be. Here are a few stellar women who accomplished things later in life:

Barbara Hillary, at age 75 became the first black woman to reach the North Pole.

At age 88, Betty White became the oldest person to host Saturday Night Live.

Gladly Burrill ran a full marathon at 92!

Dr. Leila Denmark was practicing pediatrician until the age of 103.

So, as you can see, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first female president of the United States of America, at age 73, is not unthinkable.

The world needs you Mrs. Clinton, and we are praying that you accept that call.

One more light-headed reminder, it took poor Bill three attempts to win you over in marriage. What a perfect example that the third time is the charm!

With love,
Jason Leineweber

P.S. This time, you have to correct your mistake and pick Elizabeth Warren as your running mate. With the problems that this cheetoh has caused, it's gonna take two women for sure! Let's make her-story!