An Open Letter to Helen Gunner

Subject: An Open Letter to Helen Gunner
From: HG
Date: 15 Jul 2016

Dear Helen Gunner,

I have intended to write this letter for years but as you will know, I have been busy fighting for my life against your various employers, the Bishops and Diocese of Winchester.

I have always been puzzled about why you and Joyce work in a Bishop's office when you aren't Christians. Well I guess, considering the Bishop's deceitful and unChristian Action and use of the press to discredit, abuse and destroy me, that it is because the Bishop isn't a Christian either.
What kind of person, Christian or not, behaves as he has done? And what kind of secretary repeatedly slams the phone down on an abuse victim in distress and perverts the course of justice by acting against them?
A Christian would never take part in, or be complicit in the terrible deceit that the Bishops and Fisher have committed, especially not the branding, imprisonment and open destroyal of a vulnerable abuse victim, who's side of things is not recorded anywhere by police or church.

I always knew that the Bishop of Winchester's office had problems, even early on, because Juliet Montague told me that she 'would not phone the snobs at Wolvsley over her marriage problems because of the cold response'. And Tony Kimber, who used to do the windows for Wolvsley, unwittingly re-iterated what Juliet said about you, without knowing that Juliet said it. It was ever so funny.

But the problem is, this is the image and reputation that you have, as you represent the Bishop and therefore God, although only loosely, as people become wiser and realise that Church doesn't represent God. But your presentation of God and Christianity, is snobbishness, narrow-mindedness, cruelty and hatred of the vulnerable and suffering.

It amazes me that in this day and age you and other members of the Church of England are still totally inward-looking and class-focussed whilst claiming to be Christian and to do with God and His Work. Jesus lived on the streets and was dirty and ragged, ministering to others and vulnerable in allowing others to minister to Him, can you imagine Him slamming the phone down on a suffering and vulnerable person? No, had there been phones, He would not have done so. He would have picked up the phone to the Bishop and demanded that the Bishop stopped using His Name in vain and stopped taking or administering communion until there was complete justice in my case.

In recent years there has been a rise in a group, a community of people who do much more of Jesus' work than the Church of England do, without claiming to be Christians or to do with God, in main,
These are Human Rights Activists on social media. These people see through the lies of class and power and they push for justice and exposure of wrongs, and a lot of headlines of abuse in the National papers actually arise from months or years of these activists pushing the cases.
Now what are the church of england doing as this goes on? Self-Glorifying, telling the world about their various fathers as if that was headline news, posing and prancing in the press, and misleading the general public, and of course slamming down the phone on an abuse survivor who has been publicly destroyed and discredited.

So out of the church and the human rights activists, who is carrying out Jesus' work and following in God's footsteps? It isn't the Church, is it? And you are a real example of how the Church of England is a damaging burden to society. You should get a job in a prison or a factory, not somewhere where you look down on people and treat them with contempt. They day's when 'class' meant you could treat 'lower' people with contempt are long since over, but members of the Church of England do not seem to have grasped that yet.

You are the reason that Wolvsley has a bad name to clergy in the diocese, and the reason that Juliet had to have cosy chats with Bishop Trevor Willmott about her marriage and how she terminated her sex life because of her husband's anger so he sought to meet his needs elsewhere, including through me and Sally and others - not in any report yet, is it? Juliet used to tell me everything as well, you see, but the Korris report insults and abuses me, and fails to tell about Juliet telling me about her sex life and other things and Sally's allegations of abuse etc, as yet no competent or independent report has been carried out, and you block my complaints to the Bishop about this.

So you are failing in your job and you are representing Christianity and the church as cold, inaccessible, snobbish and out of touch with the real world. Whereas the human rights activists on social media do what Jesus advocated and they make the church of england look silly and out of touch and a burden on society, with the snobbishness and the emptiness and the class distinction and the wealth that is being hoarded and not used to help the poor while on Sundays the Vicars have to pan-handle from their congregations in order to keep the church running.

Every time you put the phone down on me, please pick up the paper and look in the jobs section for a job more suited to a cold snob with no heart, you are undoubtedly preventing other people from accessing justice and certainly no clergy dared to turn to the Bishop for advice last time I looked.

I called earlier to remind the Bishop that there has been no justice in my case while he has been publicly destroying me for years, and I would like a report into my side now that the wrongdoers have all had their say, and I would like an equal voice in the press now after I have been publicly destroyed for so many years, after all, this is what Jesus and the social media activists would advocate, justice and equality, it's just that the church of england, represented by you, seem to have a lot more trouble grasping these concepts.

Maybe if you started reading the Bible and looking at what Jesus taught and advocated, then you could start to become less hateful and snobbish and more like Jesus and the secular human rights advocates who follow and carry out His teachings. I don't think the Bishop or Archbishop or anyone involved in the abuse, cover-ups and attacks on me in press and media have ever seen a Bible or remotely understand Jesus' teachings or what the poor and vulnerable endure. Certainly the past three and a half years, and the previous years of harm indicate that the Church of England has completely split from Christianity and has become an organization that pleases itself, openly and with no effort to hide it.

I can help you find a job to suit you if you like, I think laundry, prison, factory, somewhere cold and heartless like you are, and where you don't lord it over other people and think you are better than them. Certainly you would be no good in an office as you can't answer the phone. Maybe a meat factory.