Open Letter to GTArcade CEO

Subject: Open Letter to GTArcade CEO
From: Alvaro Blanco
Date: 6 Feb 2015

Estimated GTArcade CEO:

First of all, I want to congratulate you and all your team on the great game that GTArcade has created, League of Angels hereafter LOA .

I am enjoying it for about 6 months on LOA, but I want to share with you some things that makes me feel uncomfortable. So I decided to write this open letter, because I believe it is my right and my duty to contribute with my point of view and suggestions to get a better game experience.

At the beginning I looked at the forums, and I was wondering why some people talk too loud about bugs and problems in the game, but unfortunately I suffered also a bit later; Refresh in mid of Gauntlet or Twilight Class, or in Tarot cards, Bugs in the database, Rewards (for recharge money) that doesn’t works, events that doesn’t works, tournaments failed, Database errors, event that doesn’t works, all web events doesn’t work, Christmas never receive the rewards, and the divine war also not works…

I really wonder why you continue developing new events when obviously the code is damaged.

And some of us believe that it is not fair that we must pay money for a product with continuous problems; if you buy a car you want it no problems, if pay for a meal, I do not want a fly on my soup, and if you pay for a game you do not want bugs, and in the case of your game, it directly means a spent of money.

I want to show you some things that I think you must be focus in and also I will show you some possible solution or some sort of ideas that could help you to improve your game and your business, and everyone wins :)

1. – Stop creating New Events when the game is not fully functional is not so fair you ask for money for a game that not works properly and every week (or every two days have some kind of problems).

Suggestion: Repair all your bugs. If you want to be honest and your customers feel it as well you must keep all your efforts in repair this problems to get an stable game with no bugs that means loses of money for your customers, some of them feels bribed.

2. – Pay attention to your customers, a lot of people, post some problems or bugs that they suffered, but they do not get any answer. People feels upset at the beginning and sad when you don’t heard them. This will finally ends in a loos of interest in the game.
Suggestion: Its only need some people who read all the post (I almost do it all days) not so hard work and answer to the people, maybe sometimes you cannot help, but everyone will be grateful for this. And no one will feel alone again.

3. – Explain properly to your customers what are you doing and why you change some stuffs suddenly. Sometimes you said (as happened with some stuff in tarot shop) this will be temporally and we are waiting for this things coming back, but it never happens. People feels you lie them, and there will finally ends in a loss of trust on GTArcade and a loss of interest in the game (again).
Suggestion: Do not worry on telling yours motives, if for some reason you think something is wrong, explain your causes and why you retire this stuff; discuss the reasons with us in the forum, people could be on your side or against you, but never think you lies.

4. – Looks you are working for local market, but that’s not true. You are working in High leagues all around the world and you play with events against the clock. As your game is not fully functional lots of people have problems (as your last 30000 rewards points bug that they need to be solved before the day ends, they paid a lot of money for get the points for some event and if they don’t collect in time they spent lots of money for nothing, no one compensation will be fair enough)

And worse of all is that the answer they got is “the staff has not been online yet, they live in China, your issues will be looked at once they are in the office to offer assistance“ That’s not sounds so good.

Suggestion: If you work to all the world, you need to adapt your work (and workers) and rearrange their working hours to work all the day, to solve the problems of the people in time. If you not offer a properly service for one country how do you can offer your product in there?

5. Do not make randomly Updates. How do you feel if you are in the middle of a videoconference, or working in some document, and suddenly one of your technics disconnect your computer and said “version update please refresh” All your work is lost… it`s not funny at all
Suggestion: Advice with 15 or 30 minutes something in announce like (update arranged at XX:XXh or reserve some hours a day where everybody knows that will happen (at 6:00, 12:00 and 00:00) or what hour you want, but please advise to people.

6. There is no really a feedback from users and GTArcade

Suggestion: You should take advice and get councils from user from all over the world. It will help your business a lot to know how to approach to certain markets and the way to deal with customers.

Finally I want to remark that I’m still enjoying your game as a lot of people does, but a lot of them has quitted and I guess a lot more will quit, and probably I will be one of them, It’s a matter of time, if things keep doing in the same way. So I will be glad if you can take some of this advices and work on it for everyone gains with the changes and keep enjoying your games.

And just a little fable for my country:
“If you have a tree but some fruits are so high to reach it, you can cut the tree and you can get all its fruits, but next year you will have nothing. But If you take all the fruits you can reach, and lets what you don’t in it and then take care of your tree, growing it, and clean of bugs, you will get more fruits every year”
Thank you for read it and thank you for all the people that has read and/or supported this letter.

Yours sincerely

Álvaro Blanco Rodríguez