An open letter to a growing Avocado...

Subject: An open letter to a growing Avocado...
Date: 1 Oct 2018

Dear Baby P,

This week you are the size of an Avocado, so it only felt fitting to do this now considering its one of the very few foods that your parents and I will never be able to agree on, but that's OK, they're entitled to their wrong opinions.

Let me just start by saying I cant wait to meet you. We have SO much to talk about. I freaking adore you already, I wont even mind if you have jammy hands every day. You are already one tremendously lucky little Avo, I haven't known your parents for the longest time but i do know this, they are both such incredible humans and i love the idea that in a few months there will be a mini version of them running around this world.

Together they are quite possibly the two most stubborn people I have ever met, do not argue with them, they will team up against you and they make one hell of a team. They also usually end up being right which can be exceptionally annoying so take my advice and listen to them, they know what they're talking about (mostly).

Life hasn't always been fair nor kind to them, they both had to make their way down some very difficult paths, ones however, that eventually led them to each other and now to you. Your mother is fiercely strong inside and out, she is kind, brave, hilarious, beautiful,sometimes she can have the temper of Poseidon, compassionate,sensitive, much smarter than she would ever give herself credit for, do not let her often quite demeanor fool you, this woman is fire and grace. She is one of my absolute favorites, I am so unbelievably grateful and lucky to have her as a friend, i won the friendship lottery for sure. Your father is a force of nature, monumentally talented, intelligent, funny, so so funny, immensely kind-hearted but in the most bashful of ways, charismatic yet reserved, he is thunder and ambition.
Dont expect them to be the type of couple who smother each other with forced affection in public, they are not that ordinary, sometimes you will catch them singing a song they both love together and you will see it there, in the exchanged looks, the huge smiles, there in the silence its unmistakably beautiful.

To sum it up, You kid, have won the parent jackpot.

A side note to your creators, i know you guys might be terrified (and sometimes not admit it) but remember that the members of #TeamAvoPratt are many, ask us for help, seriously.

To my gym bestie, 90's car karaoke partner, 4 am argue buddy, telepathic food craving twin, meme dealer and all round general best.. i am proud of you, be it Natural or C, girl or boy, mathematically brilliant or just regular brilliant, Taylor Swift fan or Mumford Fan, more like dad or more like you, you have nothing to be afraid of, you are going to rock this, cool cool cool cool NO DOUBT styles. Ice cream is also good for producing milk, it says so on the Wikipedia.

Love all 3 of you x x