An open letter to the grandparent favoring one grandchild over another

Subject: An open letter to the grandparent favoring one grandchild over another
Date: 26 Jul 2018

Let me start off by saying this letter is not intended to "get at you". I am just hoping that you haven't realized your actions or lack thereof. When your grandchild was just an infant I understood when you never had any one-on-one time together (infants can be scary), but now your grandchild is a toddler and more capable of doing things. I clearly see the relationship you have with your first grandchild and can't help but wonder why no effort is made for your other grandchild. Your grandbaby has no idea who you are. Yes, you were there to visit the day he was born. Yes, you were there for his first birthday. I would love to use excuses such a you live far away or that your career keeps you so busy that you dont have much free time. Sadly thats not true, your job is close to our home and your home is not that far away from ours. You find the time to see your first grandchild on a weekly basis and even make facebook posts on how badly you miss your first grandchild even though thats who you see more often because you make the effort to. No attempt has been made to form a relationship with your sceond grandchild and if we are going to play favorites, I will not push for a relationship. This kid is growing up so fast its unreal and your missing it all. How much more are you going to miss out on? It truly is your loss though. Hopefully one day soon you will want to step up and start to form a bond between the two of you like you have with your other grandchild. Until then continue to keep a room in your house for your first grandchild, continue to take only the first grandchild with you on your vacations, and continue to take the first grandchild on a weekly basis to after school activities all while ignoring the other grandchild you have. It happens even when we bring your second grandchild to visit you, your topic of discussion is about the first grandchild and her mother (my husbands ex gf, like no one wants to hear about her ok!), but thats a whole other issue Id rather not even get into. Children do recognize favoritism and as the mom I will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to protect my baby from any possible hurt feelings. I cant make you treat your grandchildren equally, I have no control in that. All I can do is protect my baby from any emotional damage that may come about from it because that can be devastating to a little developing heart and mind.