Open Letter to GITEX

Subject: Open Letter to GITEX
From: Kevin
Date: 14 Oct 2015

GITEX on Friday the 9th turned out to be a nightmare for me & my friend. I entered the DWTC arena & the que for a ticket was horrible, for a second I thought maybe they were giving out a free iPhone, but sadly it was just an AED 30 entry ticket which everyone wanted to buy.
After waiting for an hour in the que.. After pushing everyone who tired to come between me & the guy in front of me, It made me feel like a gladiator at work. GITEX really brings out the animal in you.
I've been going to GITEX for the past couple of years and I've never seen it so crowded. It felt like I was at a fish market, I can't even explain the amount of armpits and sweaty hands that I had to endure, just so that I can go to the next stall. It was really a pain. All I ever wanted was to get an exciting deal on a phone.. I didn't realise I had to fight my way through it.
Although it's meant to be about electronics.. It felt like it was about entertainment.. There were people dressed up like it's a Halloween party & doing bizzare things on a pedestal, a group of people dancing in a closed glass room.. All they lacked was a pole in the middle, some salesman dancing on top of thier stall tables to the latest bollywood hits.. Their dance skills were so good.. I actually felt they could be promoting the song itself.
Everyone just wanted to get the attention of the crowd.. Somehow or the other.. Even though 'the other' in this case is a bit unorthodox.
'Everything is fair in love & war'.. Clearly the guy who made that up hasn't gone to GITEX yet.
Leaving everything aside, I really thought that the employees who are working at GITEX (mostly students in universities) would be happy with the job. At the end of the day they're kids & they enjoy such melodrama.. But to my disappointment that wasn't true. I went upto one of the girls who was standing near the Raffle Draw drop-off boxes for assistance... I looked at the girl's face & she was about to cry.. Her eyes were in agony.. Her hands were shaking.. I don't think she's ever had to deal with so many people before.. I felt really bad for her.. She's just a kid you know.. I really wish the other employees weren't feeling as bad as her, if they were.. I think the organizers of GITEX really need to make life easier for everyone.