An open letter to the girl who lost herself,

Subject: An open letter to the girl who lost herself,
Date: 22 Jan 2016

Losing yourself is hard, trying to find WHO you are again?
Well, it feels impossible.

When you change who you are for someone else,
You start to forget what YOU liked, what YOUR passions were. You lose your sense of direction but instead wait for instruction and permission.
Green means red, "yes" in front of people means "no" when they' leave, you start having to watch what you say in front of your friends, co-workers and family.

That life becomes their victory. Their verbal and mental abuse causing drastic wounds no one will ever see. But, when you get the nerve to leave, the BRAVERY to stand up and refuse to be told who you are, the feeling is indescribable.
Scared, brave, confident, FREE. The FREEDOM will bring tears to your eyes.

You feel lost because its at that moment you realize that you don't know who YOU are. But, you will remember. You WILL find yourself again. It won't be that day, likely not that week, or even that same month.
It will take TIME,
It will take TEARS,
It will take SEARCHING within yourself,
And it will be ACCEPTING an apology you will never hear.

It is not an easy task, you'll think it's impossible.
BELIEVE me when I say, it is POSSIBLE and it is so WORTH IT in the end.
Once you find yourself, REFUSE TO CHANGE FOR ANYTHING OR ANYBODY EVER AGAIN. You will be so HAPPY, CONFIDENT, and BRIGHT. Your light will shine so brightly and beautifully that people will stop and stare a moment just to take in the amazing person YOU are.

Things will fall into place shortly after,

I Promise xo