a open letter Gayle King

Subject: a open letter Gayle King
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 17 Feb 2020

Mrs. King I have nothing against you as journalist &as a person you're perhaps a very decent person, your questions to Leslie wasn't unprofessional however, the timing of that question about Kobe's sexually abuse back in 2003 don't know at the right time was professional to ask that question seeing the passsing of Kobe Brayant just three or gour days ago. You perhaps was just doing your job as a journalist asking questions of the late Kobe Brayant from his professional career to his personal life just perhaps you could have save questions like that of Kobe's personal life to future upcoming interviews plus perhaps Leslie wasn't the right interviewer to ask that perhaps his late wife Vanesa ! As a journalist and human you don't deserve to be threatened by anyone whether it online or in person for just following orders from your producers \executives for doing your job as a journalist thankfully people that know you respect you enough t apolozize to you that called respect.