Open Letter to Gamers

Subject: Open Letter to Gamers
From: Frank
Date: 12 Jun 2016

Hi guys!

I'm writing this open letter to you, as well as to myself. I hope this open letter will inspire you to make most out of your life. First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Frank and I've been a computer gamer ever since is was about 8 years old. In my case, that means 31 years of gaming (and counting). I've seen the games develop and grow from the very beginning.

Nowadays,we can walk through entire worlds that the computer projects for us. We strife to complete our missions, alone or in (wolfpack like) clans. It's like a whole different world out there, in which we (ahem) can be the superheroes we are destined to be. An experienced tank commander, a fighter ace, railroad-, transport- or roller coaster tycoon. We can colonize strange new worlds, discover new civilizations and digitally go where we've never gone before.

Newsflash. It's all fake. Nothing is accomplished. Valuable time went to waste. Think of all the real things we could've done.

Check the following list of hobbies you might want to take on instead:
• Are you into fantasy/medieval gaming ? You could join a re-enactment group. You could also learn about plants, herbs, rocks or other nature things and actually touch, feel and smell the things you've learned.

• Maybe you get your thrill from simulated transport games? You could have had a train modeling hobby and build real life models of our favorite trains. Visit an exhibition and see the possibilities!

• Do you fancy zombie games? You like being hunted by the undead? Or are you a true commando, skilled in the digital armed assault? Try one of the following adrenaline hobbies: painball, laser games, bungee jumping, skate boarding, diving. Did I mention paintball?

• Are you a true flight simulator expert? Try and take one flying lesson, just one. Flying is boring. There's nothing up there. It's much more exciting to drive a car. Take more lessons if you disagree. On a low budget and not bored at all? You might want to try flying drones. Or kites that you built yourself.

• Do you like soccer games? try playing a real game outside with your neighbors. Racing fan? Try carting as a hobby. That's how Jos and Max Verstappen learned their racing skills.

• Are you into The Sims®? You could instead work as a barman, waiter, waitress etc. Maybe as a second job in your free time? Or you could try a hobby with lots of social interactions. That's the quickest way to build your career.

You know, these things are right out there, within your grasp.

Would you like to know my newest hobby? Then check out some of my poetry, it's on Maybe you don't like poetry, or just not my poetry. Do you have something you've made yourself, then? Imagine putting a few extra hours into it. How much better can you make it?

Thing is, you're not accomplishing anything while gaming. The battle you won, wasn't there (thank God). The house or farm you've built don't exist. The level you reached is followed by another level. Then another one. Until they're all done and you are left empty-handed. Better to improve your own home&garden.

Jesus said that the words that exit your mouth pollute you, because they are a resemblance of what's inside you. What words came out of your mouth while you were playing? What thoughts did you hold? You got all excited to do what,, exactly?

Also, what have you been feeding your mind? What thoughts are in your mind after you stop playing? Don't you think your mind would be much more at peace if you were thinking about your next painting or drawing? A peaceful mind is a joint forever.

Roald Dahl wrote a poem about watching too much television. Even if you don't like poetry, try reading it on the website I mentioned earlier. I bet he would have written the same thing about computer games. Please feed your mind carefully. Your thoughts are shaped by what you see and hear.

Also think about the people around you. You're not exactly there while you're playing. As an example, check out the music video "Blank Space" that Taylor Swift made. Check it exactly in the middle of the clip. See what mockingly turns her from a loving girlfriend into some sort of psycho. Yes, it's her boyfriend playing on his phone, ignoring her.

Game and play safely.