open letter Fox News co-host five & political analyst Juan Williams

Subject: open letter Fox News co-host five & political analyst Juan Williams
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 26 Nov 2019

I'm just wondering Mr. Williams how can you work at a news media that support Donald Trump & his everyday lies about how he alone created the best economy particular related to African American week after week saying that African american is striving more under the leadership of the Trump administration not only that you have the likes of your colleagues at fox news presenting the same talking points week after week how come you haven't come out and speak more about what fox news & Donald Trump presenting to fox viewers as well African American isn't true! I don't think you have the guts nor balls to speak up to your colleagues more or maybe management refuses to let you speak your truth to the audiences because maybe it would offend the audiences & Donald Trump. you know Donald Trump didn't have nothing to do of. Let be honest fox news is using your black ass for ratings perhaps &to show their not racist if trump get impeached or be defeated at the ballot your black ass is going to fire on the spot just like others blacks who work at fox news their using you!unemployment of African american unemployment today is still at least stats has shown that minorities particular African American is still higher then whites & Hispanics . personally you need to grow some balls be a real man & speak up don't let those clowns that you called your colleagues shush you up for speaking the truth when it comes to African American issues whether it's economy education health care etc have some balls speak the truth like your former colleague Shepard Smith and other former colleagues don't be employee individual kissing your management asses just to please your bosses & Donald Trump be a man not a pussy!