An Open Letter To Former Secretary Hillary Clinton On Her Presidential Aspirations

Subject: An Open Letter To Former Secretary Hillary Clinton On Her Presidential Aspirations
From: @BS_Whistler
Date: 24 Mar 2016

Madame Secretary,

I am an American millennial. I have seen you and your husband rise to the top of the power structure. Over that time, The Fifth Estate was born and matured. It is my generation's ultimate medium of communication, and something your Corporatist/Plutocratic benefactors have underestimated.

Truth, albeit susceptible to subjective filtering/media spin, is now freely examined and disseminated. You cannot buy, lie, cheat, double-talk, or plagiarize your way around it.

This is why your gender is NOT your ace card, why your lifetime of honing manipulation will fail you.

America IS ready for a woman President. But that time is not now and that woman is not a career opportunist, profiteer, or liar.

This coincides with the rise of Senator Sanders into the national and even global consciousness. We finally have a true Leftist with a practically irreproachable, consistent political record AND genuine activist motivations and credibility. He is the lone exemplar of integrity in modern American politics. And, despite what influence may exist to sway the election, a genuine movement has been born. It transcends generation, class, and any other divisive human construct label used throughout history by those in power to manipulate the populace.

Millions of us see things as they are beyond perpetual political theater and vapid entertainment. We are aware. We are watching. We are active.

And your time at the forefront of American politics is at its end.