An Open Letter about Facebook Stalking

Subject: An Open Letter about Facebook Stalking
From: Suki
Date: 10 Dec 2012

Not that I’m promoting stalking, or saying you’re doing it all wrong, but I thought stalking was something like
that scene from Friends, (the one where Phoebe accidentally ends up dating the stalker meant for her sister.)
Okay, that’s an example of stalking going right, but still. In the present day there is no need to even leave your house, with the click of a few buttons we all seem to be doing that thing we call “Facebook stalking” from the comfort of our sofas. Adding ‘Facebook‘ in front of ‘stalking‘ does not make it okay girls and boys.
You don’t even need to be on your sofa in fact, with the power of smartphones you can be walking down the street checking out what your ex did last Friday.

Isn’t it all getting a bit weird?

Studies have shown that we are all getting increasingly jealous. We’re becoming bunny boilers, and that’s just not cool is it? I’m not a jealous person, I’ve never stopped someone from seeing their friends, talking to someone I don’t think too fondly of or tried to log into a girlfriend’s Facebook. That’s just strange in my eyes.

Is she prettier than me…

I remember when a friend of mine started seeing someone new, of course the first thing to do was to check out who his friends are. Mutual friends? Who are they, hmm? Next, photos. My friend, as much as I love her, sat trolling through this guy’s photos to check out his ex girlfriend. “Is she prettier than me?” she asks. What do you say? You know “Yeah, she’s hot” isn’t what she wants to hear. The truth be known, she was no oil painting.

We’re all going to turn out crazy.

Dating sites aside, Facebook now seems like the place to find ‘The One‘ or a one night stand at least. ‘Don’t judge a book…‘ went out the window long ago, and if you don’t have a decent profile picture we’ll be hitting back quicker than you can ‘like’ our latest hilarious status.

We’re all a little bit sick. We love to laugh at your photos from last night where you can’t stand and you snogged possibly the ugliest guy in the entire nightclub. Of course he seemed like Brad Pitt at the time. But when it comes to our ex girlfriends/boyfriends we just can’t help ourselves… The majority (88% according to cnet) of Facebook have admitted to stalking their exes online – But what’s the big obsession? Why do we have to know what they’re doing now?

Off your friends list, out of mind?

But don’t worry folks, click ‘unfriend’ (and maybe even the ‘block’ button if you’re feeling dangerous) and they’ll be out of your lives forever. Until you bump into them with their new arm candy maybe. Bugger.