a open letter to Facebook

Subject: a open letter to Facebook
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 5 Nov 2019

I want say this to facebook &it's executives I'm requesting that you stop putting videos of Trump's supporters on my facebook videos watch list .personally it's nothing more than lies propanganda in support of Donald Trump. It one thing that want check or remove political ads of the Trump campaign or other political figures you're putting videos of Trump's supporters without checking whether it's a hateful legitimate or accurate . I have nothing against free speech but, I do have a problem when these videos presented as hate speech particular against minorities particular blacks full lies &deception that what I have a problem with.I'm not sure of your political beliefs democrat or republicans nor I'm concern it seems to me that facebook Mark Zuckerberg favors more of the political ads videos of the republicans simply by not checking the contents of the videos &ads refusing to remove those that are hateful &lies it seems to me that facebook isn't concern that these false ads &videos is going turn off protential voters that want to vote in the upcoming 2020 election as long they make money! Personally you guys at facebook stinks maybe I need to consider to deleting facebook if you guys is going to run your company in a negative way putting out false ads &videos of political fugures etc it not worth it!