Open Letter To Every American Who Claims To Be A Christian...

Subject: Open Letter To Every American Who Claims To Be A Christian...
From: Bruce Gorcyca - Former Federal Agent & Military Vet Exiled In China
Date: 14 Sep 2015

Are you a convenient or selective Christian, or perhaps just one without a conscience?

Ever since the Ferguson fiasco I have been both annoyed and disappointed, yet somewhat encouraged by the protests. You see, Thomas Jefferson (who finally admitted to being a Christian) once said "Dissent is both the right and the duty of every American citizen". But I am saddened by the fact that it takes murder and wrongful deaths to get people's attention - enough of it at least to cause outrage, no matter how fleeting and temporary.

We are supposed to be "The Christian Nation" yet we tolerate so many unChristian acts from our government it makes me wonder if we have become "CWCs" Christians Without Consciences for the sake of our own convenience, or have we just failed our children and become a classic case of boiling frogs? On a daily basis we are accepting the unacceptable as the new national "normal", to wit...

* The persecution, false imprisonment, and even murders of whistle blowers who reported very serious government crimes like Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange. These people risked their lives and freedom for us friends. Do we not owe them our support? Others like Michael Hastings, Ted Gunderson, and Michael Rupert were murdered yet we fail to compel independent

* Our troops commit war crimes in Fallujah, Iraq (chemical weapons) and helicopter pilots slaughter unarmed civilian news reporters, and we allow the injustices to go unpunished while those who reported the crimes are severely punished with 35 year prison sentences!

* Our Wall Street Banksters are caught laundering billions in drug monies yet not one of the criminals gets arrested, much less prosecuted, yet 1.6 million non-violent drug users get locked up an average of 3.7 years!

* Our supreme court allows unlimited anonymous campaign contributions from super pacs, during an era where the FBI has prosecuted the least amount of corruption cases in their entire history. Hoover may have been gay, but the guy had the balls to prosecute corrupt government officials. These days the FBI helps to hide the corrupt officials!

* 80% of all new legislation since the Reagan presidency has created more income for the wealthy at the expense of the 99%.

* Our leaders lie to drag us us to illegal invasions and wars and then go unpunished even when their lies were deliberate and caused the death of over 600,000 innocent people.

* We allow secret prisons, torture of U.S. citizens, and even secret courts and closed door Senate hearings about CIA drug smugglers.

* $9 Trillion of your tax dollars go "missing" and nobody is even looking for it. Why?

* Yet more of our tax dollars are being used to illegally fly drones into foreign countries and kill almost 500 innocent kids "by mistake". These drone strikes violate almost a dozen international treaties our government signed and now ignore!

Warning - This is graphic and sickening:

Need I go on? When are you willing to take a stand people and say "Enough is Enough?" This is not the America most of us grew up in, and certainly not the America defined by our Constitution and created by our founding fathers. Where is your conscience? Is this really the America you want your children and grandchildren to inherit?

If not, get off your ass, turn off the TV and start reading the books the pols hope you never stumble across, or you will forever remain an economic slave to the elite who have now followed in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler.

First they tried to buy me, then lock me away, and then they have tried to kill me more than once. They have even threatened my family by shooting our home and car. But I will not submit to their intimidation friends but they force me to remain exiled in China:

All the incumbents need to be voted out and true patriots need to take their place. Two rich candidates do not make for a real democratic election. Stop deluding and distracting yourselves from reality with "nightly news" that is often scripted and designed to keep you fearful of terrorists that our own foreign policy of aggression helped to create!

Even Jimmy Carter admitted we no longer live in a democracy. Remember these corrupt clowns work for us and not vice-versa. They cannot function very well without our submissive obedience nor our tax dollars. When we all start saying "No Thank You!" and start demanding Public Referendums on legislation and the abolishment of secret government hearings of any and all sorts, we stand some hope of reclaiming our title of "We The People". Don't we deserve the truth about 911?

Do nothing and you can expect more and more abuse to come. So please be part of the solution and not part of the problem. As Pope Paul VI said... "The greatest sin is often indifference". Our children deserve much better than we now tolerate, and the elite are not about to just voluntarily abdicate their thrones.
Warning - This is embarrassing:

If you want to save and reclaim YOUR America, start reading! You cannot solve problems you do not understand, nor even know about...

Suggested Books:

The Creature From Jekyl Island by G. Edward Griffin
Immaculate Deception by General Russ Bowen
A Time For Truth by Ted Cruz
Crimes Of Patriots by Johnathan Kwitny
The Big White Lie by Mike Levine

Hate to read? Try these documentaries, but get up to speed on how we are all being used, abused, exploited, and deceived: