A open letter to Donald Trump voter fraud

Subject: A open letter to Donald Trump voter fraud
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 12 Nov 2017

Let me this to you donald trump this voter fraud commission is a fraud a complete waste of time to taxpayers. Your mission is to remove all protential voters that vote democratic particular the minorities like myself &others latinos etc off the voter role you don't care whether each vote counted or it's irregularities you just want the ones that vote democratics off so it will be a clear path for you & future gop candidates to win election that's it. Kris Kobach have a history of doing this crap in his hometown in Kansas trying to move minorities off the voter role for gop candidates .If you think some orange tupee New York low mouth fraud like you is going to deny my rights to vote guess again .I will personally right to the mayor secretary of state or who ever will listen to me in order to vote .this isn't The Trump Organization this is the people usa country.so you can go jump in a l ake as far as I concern if you think you"re going to deny my rights to vote.