open letter to Donald Trump & The Trump administration

Subject: open letter to Donald Trump & The Trump administration
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 19 Jan 2018

Donald Trump you're a liar the unemployment for minorities particular african americans has drop tremendously under the presidency of the obama administration not Donald Trump .It was obama is the reason that unemployment has drop under started back in 2010 when the unemployment for africans americans was at 16.9 percent when obama took office then drop about 7.9 percent & then 6 percent something when obama left office so for all your bragging about your accomplishments as well your administration allies former senators fox news praising your accomplishments when it comes to the economy relating to africans americans it's a lie just as much a lie about economy itself when you took office January 20, 2017 you inherited a good economy from President Obama it was his doing not Donald Trump. You want a thank you or praise for the low unemployment for minorities really you're the same guy that discriminate blacks for renting your apartments accused five african americans of rape against a white female by posting a ad for the death penalty discriminate blacks of working in your casinos saying that blacks are lazy didn't want africans immigrants coming from s***hole africans country instead you want white European then of course the birtherism accusing Obama of not being U.S citizen . Donald Trump you're a racist . I like to thank President obama for improving the economy as for Donald Trump go back to your s*** hole you called your golf resort!