An open letter to the disgraceful, SabLem

Subject: An open letter to the disgraceful, SabLem
From: The wife, me
Date: 19 Nov 2022

SabLem is a portmanteau, which involves blending parts of two names to form a new name. In Pop culture, we have (or used to have) Brangelina.

The disgraceful, SabLem has carved a hole in my heart. It is carved so deep that I do not think I would ever be able to erase it. It is the name blend that my husband and his mistress had formed to celebrate their despicable and inappropriate “friendship” behind my back.

To Sab, the mistress,

I’m giving you the courtesy of not naming you fully.

I do not know where to begin. Millions of years have gone by and yet humanity has no definite answer about why a woman would lower herself to get involved with a married man, especially when he has young children. There is no answer on how she can become SO heartless especially when the man JUST had a baby with his wife. I think in your case maybe you thought it was easier to steal someone else’s family and home. A man with a good income, car, house, family inheritance combined with his good looks.

You tried to steal my husband, my family, you tried to break my home, you bi*ch! But guess what? You failed miserably! I know that you do not have an ounce of empathy. But for the sake of your own self-respect, GET YOUR SHIT TOEGETHER! Never allow yourself again to be so stupid as to believe what a married man tells you. To have hope that a married man would leave his wife and children to be with you, especially a pathetic wh*re like you! You do not want me to go into detail what a pathetic wretched woman you are!

How did you feel when he gifted you that Pandora bracelet with 3 hearts? Did it stir your sexual desires or you heard wedding bells? I am sure you did not have an ounce of guilt in your black heart when you wore it. On top of this, how did you feel to get a married man buy you things for your house? Are you still cleaning your house with the vacuum cleaners he got you? I am sure you are so shameless that you are still cleaning your bedroom with it.

Guess what? This house of yours will never become a home because karma is a bi*ch!

I do not have to do anything else beyond this letter. Your bad karma will catch up on its own. You will definitely go through the same pain that you put me through. On top of that, you will never have a successful relationship because people like you are home-wreckers not home makers.

To Lem, the cheating husband,

13 years! And this is the gift you give me. This wife, me... who had just had your baby, lost herself, her health, likely years of her life because of your affair with this wretched woman!

I know she is nothing more than a mistake, perhaps a midlife crisis and you became infatuated with the control you had over her.

She denied everything in her email when you tried to get the bracelet back from her to calm me down. But I know that there was more to the story and I asked you to be honest with me. Maybe you were afraid that I would leave you.

You are as much responsible for this affair as your mistress. I still do not understand the logic behind gifting that bi*ch the bracelet and the vacuum cleaners. What did you get in return? Were you banging her?

I have over and over discussed this affair with you and I do not want to go any further. You know very well this woman brought nothing but trouble in your life. You suffered greatly with shame and guilt. You are compensating and I see it every day. But did she suffer? Did she face the consequences? Does she have guilt? Is guilt eating her away? I do not think so! I am sure she has found her next victim. Another family with a weak man might be suffering right now because of her.