An Open Letter to a Deadbeat and his Wife

Subject: An Open Letter to a Deadbeat and his Wife
Date: 5 Mar 2018

From the moment I told you I was pregnant, I knew we were done. I knew you didn’t want this and left me pregnant and alone. I finished up high school without anyone knowing I was depressed or pregnant! Ever since MY child was born, I’d always push for you to be in his life. I moved different states to make it easy for you, I didn’t take child support or ask you for a dime for him. All I asked was your time. For you to get to know him. You only did that when you wanted to impress one of your MANY 3 week hookups. You played father of the year and made me look like a bad person. Your whole family knew what an ass you were but nothing was ever said. When you met you now wife, she claims she’s been in my son’s life since he was one, NEGATIVE. You blew our son off for her. A 17 year old girl, mind you, he was 24. You had to wait until her 18th birthday to go public. You put her before your own son. Y’all played family for a while. You still have her thinking I’m your last ex. Ha. You knocked her up and had another son. You put him and her before your first born. You popped the question and spent $2500 on her ring but yet couldn’t afford our son. You married her and moved different states to have a fresh start without your first born. You haven’t seen him in 2.5 years. You know nothing about him! You now have two kids with this narcissistic wife of yours and you have completely erased MY son out of yalls life. What a hypocritical douche you both are for putting me through hell to abandon your child. She gave you an ultimatum and sadly you put a jealous, idiotic, immature girl before your child and that is sad. But you know what, I came out on top because my child isn’t missing out on anything! He’s better off without you. You’re the loser who will regret all of this when you realize what type of woman your wife really is. I met the love of my life and married him. He is my son’s daddy! He is the definition of a daddy! He’s been there more than you ever will! I don’t want your money, he doesn’t want your time and most of all he doesn’t want you anymore! Just remember that God judges everyone and what you and your idiotic wife has done to my baby, you will answer for. So go off and continue to make me look like the bad guy because y’all are the deadbeats. Y’all are the ones loosing out! So, do us all a favor and never speak to us again.

An actual parent