Open Letter To Danny Ainge

Subject: Open Letter To Danny Ainge
From: Juan
Date: 11 Jun 2015

Dear Danny Ainge,

Man, I seriously don't know what to think of you. There are times when I like you and times where I absolutely fucking hate you. I credit you for bringing the Big 3 together and bringing us Banner 17, but I also credit you for the demise.

I don't think we needed a complete rebuild but maybe some tweaks. First, you trade Paul Pierce who is Boston. He could've been a lifer like Dirk, Kobe, and Timmy but you ruined his legacy. He could've been a good piece with this year's playoff team. You could've had him for a 16th year here rather than a forgettable year in Brooklyn. KG and Ray were good pieces too but it looked rocky since you were trying to trade Ray since 09. KG was always a good piece too but I know he's a T-Wolf at heart.

Then you get rid of Doc and Rondo but I believe we could've kept them if Rondo was healthy. You scared Doc away with a rebuild but I believe if we made some tweaks he'd still be here. One move that really stung was Antoine Walker. You took away the right for Celtics fans to see the shimmy. He could've won another ring in 08 with us. Then you say that Ray Allen might not get his number retired – I know the real reason. You're bitter that he went to Miami, but you started all of this.

I do credit you for getting Brad Stevens and leading us back into the playoffs. I do need to tell you about one player that we need to keep. Brandon Bass. Even though he's only been here for 4 years he's been through it all here. He not only has been a consistent player but he's been a consistent professional. He's never wanted out after he was moved to the bench. He stayed quiet and continued to work. He along with Paul Pierce are great examples of what it means to be a Celtic. Keep Brandon Bass he's a great leader and a great guy.