An open letter congratulating our President on his re-election

Subject: An open letter congratulating our President on his re-election
From: Gene Chaas
Date: 10 Mar 2015

Dear Mr. President,

We modern Whigs extend our congratulations to you Mr. President on your electoral victory. The Nation has spoken, keeping you, our President, in the White House, yet at the same time still electing the some of the "opposition" party to other offices. Our citizens are exhibiting a proper sense of balance as well as bold social progression that their representatives ought take note of.

Mr. President, it is the sincere hope of the Modern Whigs that you govern through your second term in a spirit of collaboration and compromise and with a deep sense of historical dialectics. As political discourse in our Great Nation has become increasingly vitriolic, with emotions and blind ideology masking truth, we Whigs realize how difficult true leadership can be our current context.

Yet Mr. President, lead you must. You are the child of history. Not only are you our Great Nation's first black American President, but one of the few global leaders re-elected in the midst of a crisis.
And for this reason, Mr. President, we all as a nation ought support you unequivocally, as citizens bound in a common cause to sustain our Republic for future generations. Yet many in our Great Nation do not quite share this modern Whig ideal. Respectfully sir, we see this as one of your greatest opportunities.

For one, our Great Nation, sir, has not yet fully resolved one of its original sins - slavery. Not only did that sin almost destroy a nation, it also destroyed a viable political movement - the ancient American Whig Party. The true party of President Lincoln. And while the experience of American slaves has become so deeply rooted in our consciousness, igniting the eternal torch of our insistence on liberty and freedom, we are at the same time becoming increasingly known by our global peers as a slave master rather as a liberator of free souls. We modern Whigs feel this ignores our own national conscience and lessons from the most painful periods of our history. That sir, would be a national sin.

But we are so close to resolving that original sin as a Nation. Your role in that resolution is pivotal and why we modern Whigs pledge our support to your leadership, even if as individuals many among us may have issue with aspects of your party's policies, and the overriding rule of self-perpetuation both major parties exhibit. We modern Whigs look only to your soul, sir.

We Whigs hope, Mr. President, that you can see a bigger picture, of history, of a post-modern role for our Great Nation steeped more authentically in who we truly are, of a Nation's healing and reconciliation, and of the crucial fiscal issues that you and Mr. Speaker will have to tackle, not as Democrats or Republicans, but as true American leaders looking out for the common good of us all. For the middle of our Great Nation. Truly the quiet forgotten ones and who have potentially suffered the most from years of poor political management "by party", "by ideology", but most precisely for “self”. We, sir, regardless of race or color, have not forgotten our lessons from history, or our pledge to each other. The folks who proclaim to be our leaders sir , simply may have.

Modern Whigs beleive sir, that we can as a Nation resolve a proper balance between social justice and personal freedoms with responsibility, employing true leadership borne of imagination,American ingenuity and framed by a refocus on our most deeply held, msot authentic common values. We have no doubt Mr. President, that many around you might be blind to this and see only their own point of view. They seem unwilling to compromise, yet willing to protect for gain. It is for the rest of us, sir, that you have to lead us beyond these false binaries, with imagination, vision, selflessness and a spirit of compromise and reconciliation to benefit all. Modern Whigs believe we have not seen true American political illuminati in ages, sir. Yet, what we do see are the increasingly clear systemic impediments to their formation. Your opportunity sir.

This is your historical mandate Mr. President, and the greatest gift you can leave behind for our Nation. Mr. President, the truth does not reside in the corners of the boxing ring, but right in the middle, where two false truths are allowed to collide and create anew. This is your mandate sir and we good citizens respectfully encourage you to put the gloves on and get "Whiggy" for us all!

God speed to you Mr. President! Peace and blessings to you and your family.

Respectfully and sincerely,

Gene Chaas
NY Modern Whigs