An Open Letter To City League Softball Players

Subject: An Open Letter To City League Softball Players
From: A Girl That Used to Play
Date: 27 Jul 2016

Who am I, and who have I been?

I have been the little girl playing tee ball that dreams about playing on the “big girls team”. I have been the “big girl” playing fast pitch, and at times watched as crazy parents yelled at umpires and coaches. I have been the little league coach and umpire being yelled at by the crazy parents. I have been a lost college student, only to find a new love of slow pitch softball to keep me sane.
I have been a fan, player, coach, a field supervisor and someone who used to love softball…

I am…

I am a wife. I am an aunt. I am a college student. I am a business owner. I am a future Mother. I was, what I USED to dream of, a softball player…
I am a bystander seeing a little girl watch her Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle or all of the above…
Yelling at the Umpire
Fighting on the field
Complaining about a call
Swearing in another’s face
Seeing how you handle a loss
Watching how you handle a win
Punching, Kicking, Slapping…

Now stop. Take a step back, and think. Is THAT how you want THEM to handle those situations? Do you want your son swearing in the face of a woman? Do you want that little girl or boy to handle loss with pride, or by fighting it till they get their way, even in a fair fight? What is it about a city league softball tournament that turns adults into children? All for what, a $5.00 Tee Shirt? Congrats!

Now because you couldn’t handle a fairly fought loss, Or because you didn’t agree with an umpires call, Or because you swore in another’s face… that child watched, they will take it with them, and one day YOU will wonder where it all came from…
You may, or you may not think back and say. “Oh yea, I was that person once.”

Softball was fun for me until I became an adult. I am not sure if the majors are in the back of some player’s minds or if a leisure recreation softball game is the WORST thing they have to worry about. If so, Lucky them!

As for the rest of us who still love the game of Softball, do us all a favor. For once suck in your pride, deflate your head, loosen up your pants and let us play. We are there to forget about a crappy day at work. We are there to bond with family and friends. We are there to kick back, relax and cheer on our team. We are there to encourage and high five. Some of us are even there for a paycheck to feed our families. But MOST are there for FUN!!! Yes, FUN!

So next go around if you loose, walk it off and congratulate the other team. If you get angry, take a deep breath and think before you speak. Last but not least, remember there is always a little one looking up to you, watching your every move.