Open Letter to the Church

Subject: Open Letter to the Church
From: Robert Palmer
Date: 29 Jun 2017

The bible tells us not to despise prophecy, but to have an open ear to what God may be saying. The bible says in Joel that in the last days God will pour his spirit on both his sons and daughters, old men will dream dreams, and young men will prophecy.

I ask you to have an open ear to what I am saying, to not despise that which will seem ungainly. I am a Christian of many years, I serve the LORD continually in prayer, and reach out to the lost as I have opportunity, I also keep myself clean from sin, and serve the poor and needy out of my substance. I am not yet perfected, and sometimes stumble in cowardice when I should be bold. However I have reason to believe the LORD has revealed to me some things, and because he has revealed them I must share them.

Watch and pray. We must be watchful. For the LORD is about to do a work in the earth that even if you were told it you would not believe it. As in the days of Noah so shall it be, when the son of man returns. People will be given in marriage, they will be living their lives, without a care. Then a flood will come and take them away. But this time it will not be a flood, of water. Let me begin.
I believe Revelation 12 Speaks of a cosmic struggle which is soon to begin, Satan is to be thrust from the heavenly realm, down to the earthly realm, and when he is he will attempt to set up his final great stand against the church, and God. The church will be pressed on all sides, with imprisonment, tortures, and death, for Satan shall show no mercy, as he carries out the persecution of the church discussed in Revelation 13.

Stop drinking your coffee, fall on your knees in prayer. Or at least listen to my message. Six months ago I was awakened from a night vision, in the vision God showed me what is soon to take place. When I had it I said God surely not, this is just too strange to be you. So I shuffled it way. Until last week when I saw an NDE, Near Death Experience, that a ten year old had, when he died for 40 minutes, he was taken up to heaven, and met Jesus, and Jesus told him in the life time of his family they would see a world war, but then what comes after it would be much worse and distressing. I adjure you as the LORD’s witness, not to despise the vision of the youth, neither the visions of my head as I slept, for we are in agreement. What is to come, is unearthly, ungodly, and never before seen, Satan will take on the form of an alien invasion of earth, and he will cause all men to join him, those who refuses will be mercilessly hunted down and killed.
When you see this war, it is no longer the time to preach of houses, and families, it is time to open the scrolls of revelation, and prepare both young and old for the coming of the times of trial, like no other before them, that shall be upon the face of the whole earth. Only he who endures to the end shall be saved.
Robert Palmer