An Open Letter To The Child In Foster Care

Subject: An Open Letter To The Child In Foster Care
From: SamanthaJ
Date: 27 Dec 2017

Dear you

I am glad you found this letter. I hope it reaches you in good health.

This letter is for all of you who are in foster care, or those of you who have been.
I want you to know that you are worthy.
The emotions you have felt over the years have probably been mixed. Some of you would have felt relieved. Some confused. Some of you hurting very much.

I want you to know that life gets better. And whilst this is painful for you now, someday you will build a life for yourself and you will be surrounded by people who love you, and who will love you forever.

It can be very tough when it appears your destiny lies with a social work team. Sometimes it seems they make decisions without including you. It's not easy. But just know and trust in your heart that they are looking out for you . It is short term and sometimes we need to take it day by day.

Truth is, you are wanted and loved. And I promise you (as A fellow care leaver, long time ago) that in the end none of this will matter. You will soon hold the key to your destiny and the pain you have endured will be so distant to you. You will find security again, love, peace. It's going to find you once more.

Be brave. Stay focused. Voice your wishes.. and know that you are not abandoned, but that you are very special and that whilst this is painful, it's really going to help you in the long run, to shape the perfect life for yourself


Love & blessings. Stay strong.

~Someone who 'Gets it'