Open letter to the Celtic FC Board

Subject: Open letter to the Celtic FC Board
From: Vlad- another fan
Date: 9 Mar 2016

Dear Celtic FC Board

Season ticket ####
Name Vlad ####

It is very much with sadness I write to inform you that I will not be renewing my season ticket unless the Club is willing to change current management.

I have had this current season ticket since at least 2007 and previous to that I held a season ticket for 4 years.

I have absolutely no trust in the current management in terms of:

1. The manager's stubbornness to change a boring style of play. He seems to be a slave to the system and refuses to accept that his system is not entertaining and not working.

2. His European record, speaks for itself. Does The Celtic board see improvement that will lead to Champions League qualification or decent run in Europa? If not, why are we delaying the change in management? If the Board does see improvement, can they clarify where? I can't see it.

3. The recruitment policy. I agree with buying Scottish talent, but how many Midfielders do we need? What about defensive backup? More importantly what about decent striking options in case our top scorer gets injured? The recent signings in that regard are clearly unfit and not good enough quality. Just ask the manager as he clearly does not rate them enough to play them.

4. The manager is meant to be a developer of young players. Really? Apart from Tierney are there any other examples of youngsters that are now regulars in the first team? The Dundee trio appeared to get worse under his management, not improved. One of them so bad that he got punted on loan! The other two are a shadow of the players they were when they first arrived.

5. Constant rotating of squad. That must be doing wonders for the players' confidence. They play well one week, the next week they are not even in squad! How do they get used to each other if they don't know from one day to another who they are playing next to?

6. Bad judgement of quality. E.g he didn't rate Leigh Griffiths or Commons. Then realised his huge mistake and relied on them to get him out of a huge hole.

7. Sticking to a clearly not working zonal marking system. No idea what the current system is, don't think the defenders know themselves. Would love to have this clarified. Not looking forward to having it exploited again in Europe.

8. Style of play is the most boring I have seen as a Celtic supporter. Supporters are customers and we need to be treated as customers. If I go to the theatre and is rubbish I will leave early and not return to any future productions from same company. Why should I continue to pay for a season ticket when I'm not enjoying the games any more? For the contrary I get angry at how bad the team is. Rather spend my money elsewhere.

9. The current attendance demonstrates that fans are not happy. How bad does it have to get before the Board realise the mood of the fans? This is not entertainment and certainly not value for money.

10. Losing twice to our biggest rivals- Aberdeen. What is the latter's player budget? Size of squad? The only reason we still leading the league is because Aberdeen have messed up.

11. No Rangers in league and Rangers have been significantly weakened. Thus easiest shift for any Celtic manager. Still we can't win treble.

12. The manager constantly states that we should win the league and to judge him on that. One, with no Rangers in league and considering Celtic's budget compared to all other teams I expect the Manager to say we WILL win the league. Two, the Celtic manager should be judged on progress, entertainment, trebles, decent European runs. He has failed in all of these points! Does the Board disagree with my view?

I hate asking for anyone to be sacked. Particularly as I know he is a very nice guy. But Celtic are not a charity, they are a business. Any properly run business realises that its customers are unhappy with the quality of the product and tries to address it. Fail to do so will result in diminished number of customers, less money, and irreparable damage to the long term business.

I must emphasise that I know at least 3 neighbouring season ticket holders who are also seriously considering not renewing. With or without Rangers in the league. We know we can always buy a season ticket as if and when things change.

I very much look forward to hearing from you on the above points. Happy for you to forward this email to the Board, CEO and if appropriate the Management Team as I would love to hear their views on the points raised. Furthermore I want them to hear how most fans are feeling right now.

Yours sincerely

Vlad ####