An Open Letter to Cardinal Luis G. Tagle: ' I am a Victim of Land Grabbing by the Catholic Church'!

Subject: An Open Letter to Cardinal Luis G. Tagle: ' I am a Victim of Land Grabbing by the Catholic Church'!
From: Roque C. Amancio, Jr.
Date: 1 Jun 2015

Dear Cardinal Tagle,

Greetings in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ!

Your eminence, I must go direct to the point in saying that my family is a victim of land grabbing by the Catholic Church!... This is the conclusion I now have after several failed appeals made to Archbishop Jose F. Advincula of Capiz, Roxas City, (Phil) ; and to Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, President of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

Very briefly, it is about our family-owned lot (with TCT# T-25437) located in Baybay, Capiz, Roxas City, Philippines, but which is illegally and unjustly occupied by the Archdiocese of Capiz by building a chapel without our knowledge and consent. This illegal construction was discovered many years back when I personally went to the province to sell the property. We have thus lost several potential buyers because of this transgression... I want you to know we are in dire need of finances for our daily sustenance and medical needs, and it is not difficult to understand how this situation has brought so much mental anguish that gravely injured us.

Our repeated requests and demand for the Archdiocese to vacate the premises have not elicited any concrete action from the very people who are supposed to be imbued with moral responsibility...By the lapse of time and their continued silence and playing dumb, I have formed a reasonable belief that they do not have any intention to acknowledge impropriety and to finally resolve this problem.

Pope Francis in one of his homilies said, " There are two things that the people of God can not forgive: A priest attached to money and a priest who mistreats people."...How do we categorize church leaders surreptitiously getting somebody's property without guilt?...I am so frustrated and really desperate that I have taken the liberty of asking your apostolic intercession to finally resolve this problem within your hierarchy. I thank you however for whatever action you may deem fit in this regard.

I have the honor to profess myself with the most profound respect.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Roque C. Amancio, Jr.
(02)8427733/ 09196319075