An open letter to Cam Newton

Subject: An open letter to Cam Newton
From: Marlon Jones
Date: 28 Jan 2016

Dear Mr. Newton,

I am a huge fan of the NFL. I have enjoyed watching the sport of professional football ever since I was a little kid growing up in Mesa, Arizona. As a kid, I remember the old school players like Dan Fouts, Jim Plunkett, Earl Campbell, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, Tony Dorsett, Joe Montana, and so on and so on. And while being weaned on those players and their antics, I just want to say how dare you.

How dare you behave with an unrivaled passion and lead your team to a franchise record 15 wins. You think the players of old celebrated touchdowns or danced their way back to the sidelines after a score? Who do you think you are celebrating 45 total touchdowns this year (35 passing, 10 rushing) by running into the crowd and finding a lucky, young kid in the stand and hand that kid a game ball. Are you serious?

You should be ashamed of giving that kid a life long memory of happiness and joy! And it is all your fault now that every one from Roy Williams, Andy Reid and professional tennis players celebrate a victory by your “dab” dance!! Horrible! How does it feel that your celebratory “dance” is now imitated by others world wide? Yeah, that should make you feel good!

I find that the NFL should be boycotted by giving you the MVP trophy, given your moral character. A man that has never been convicted of a crime while playing for Carolina, a man that has never abused or beat up his girlfriend, a man never convicted of a drug charge or DUI, a man never arrested. Is this the type of person they want to be the face of the NFL? I am appalled at your arrogance. The arrogance you have to effortlessly help those less fortunate than you despite your busy schedule. How disgusting that you received the Ed Block Courage Award from the Panthers, an award bestowed upon you not only because of your courage on and off the field, but because of your foundation, the Cam Newton Foundation, which is committed to “enhancing the lives of young people by addressing their socioeconomic, educational, physical, and emotional needs,” according to the official website.

Imagine my disdain over this past Christmas holiday when I saw you had the audacity to have a “Santa Cam’s Surprise Sleigh” where you spent the day donating time and money to several students and fans in the Charlotte area. DONATING? Who does that? What kind of image are you portraying by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to area schools to help their infrastructure from computers to weight rooms?

And you had the absolute nerve to have celebrities Kevin Hart and Ice Cube give motivational speeches about hard work and staying in school? And to top it off, you surprised hundreds of families with dinner at the local neighborhood restaurant on your dime?? And during the season? Is that really responsible?? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???? I find it hard to believe that the NFL would present the highest award to an athlete that embodies grace, class, hard work, inspiration, hope, unselfishness and talent.

You should be lucky, despite these traits of yours, they acknowledged your feats. I hope one day you truly understand that being charitable with your time and money, putting smiles on the faces of young kids, giving hope to many in need, and being the best damn football player in the NFL is unacceptable! Find some class, Mr. Newton.

Sarcastically yours,

Marlon Jones, your new biggest fan.