Open letter to Bungie and Activision

Subject: Open letter to Bungie and Activision
From: Everyone who plays Destiny on an Xbox
Date: 29 Oct 2014

Dear Bungie, and Activision.

I would like to congratulate both companies on your partnership: two of the industry's heavy hitters releasing AAA titles for the next years. The end.

No, it's not the end. I wish I could leave the praise as simple as that, but I can't. What a fantastic premise Destiny is, and developed by the people who re-wrote the book on PvE and PvP FPS gaming. The publisher, in my opinion, always releasing worthy titles to keep [my] interest. Very, very happy days indeed.

So then, why this...

A sole survivor [not sole at all] found and resurrected [without further discussion or mental anguish] by a long-searching [not as important as you imply, or give a shit about] ghost [343 Guilty Sparkortana] to be the champion [along with hundreds of thousands of other initially implied sole saviours] of the dying embers of the universe [which is still there, and alive, but somehow unreachable because the spaceships aren't spaceships, they're loading screens] in a sprawling, wonder-filled [approximately 5 cubic miles per 4 copy and pasted planets] campaign [wait...what?] across a ten year adventure with a deep narrative [you know what, I can't even be bothered any more, so I'm just going to write different names of fruits and vegetables when I disagree with something, just like you do with your animal names...that cool? No, you wanted more? So did we. We expected more, you promised more, and you COST more] driven by loss, hope, and drama [bananas] – this is the game for the new generation [is a pube a vegetable?] with various [kumquat] and magical [celery] ways to play and complete it [I need a wee, I last ate veg, so there'll be some in there].

Are you bored yet? We are, and you're only 2.25 % into your 10 year plan. I could write a bullet list of reasons why we are bored, angry, let down, but I will save, nah fuck it, let's do it.

This is what we're bored of:
1. Names of animals
2. Being told that I beat a game founded on a code of '...there is no single way to complete it...' in a way that was not intended, so now I must do it the [sole] way it was intended
3. Re-attempting to beat it, beating it, and point two recurring
4. Constantly being booted [point 1] after attempts implement unnecessary 'fixes' and the continual cycle of points 2 and 3
5. Playing the same PvE maps over and over against the same NPCs for the same loot
6. Playing the same PvE maps over and over against the same NPCs for NO loot
7. Playing the same PvE maps over and over and over and over and over
8. Playing the same public events on the same PvE maps
9. Playing 4 game types in PvP
10. Playing the same 4 game types in special PvP events for shitter gear
11. Still bored of animals
12. Writing this letter
13. Being forced to play the game on repeat as is the model, but forced to only play once per week because the ONLY thing that matters (the raid) has a ceiling on how many times there's a point in doing it because you are only rewarded for your first completion.
14. Animals
15. D
16. Sorry about 15, I got Returned to Or
17. b
18. it
19. Fuck this
20. Somehow being returned to orbit from orbit, then being returned to game boot
21. Still can't get over 20
22. Animals
23. Writing letters
24. Reading the campaign on your website instead of experiencing it
25. Ignorance of core faults
26. I guess what really bores me [sic makes my shit itch] is point 27
27. Paying the SAME amount for the game on Xbox that Playstation users paid. PS3 and 4 gamers get (for the SAME price) MORE CONTENT, MORE CAMPAIGN, EARLIER RELEASES.
28. Being told that you're not turning your back on Xbox (your entire fucking reason for being in this 10-year multi-gazillion dollar deal in the fucking first place)
29. Just got booted again
30. Frakking animals

We don't want an apology, we want the game you promised. We can't have it unless you stop nerfing the game and yourselves and just fucking fix it. We can't even have it if you DO fix it because you don't fix – you meddle and make things worse, only serving to further exacerbate how much you're ostracising your core (and new for that matter) fan base. If we want to play the game you intended we have to have the game to play. Even assuming it was all perfect, your intention is that we play it on a Playstation, not Xbox (LESS GAME SAME PRICE).

You actually owe me money. I think a percentile rebate of the amount I paid for it on Xbox against the amount paid for by Playstation users, taking into account inflation prediction over the next 10 years for the periods that the Playstation users have MORE CONTENT for the SAME PRICE the Xbox user paid for the game isn't unreasonable.

I have pre-paid for the DLC season pass in the Digital Guardian Edition, so I can't even get a refund.

I love Halo, it HONESTLY changed my life, and I loved Bungie – yes, past tense – take it on the chin. I'm bored of myself and this fucking letter that has probably lost the point, and will be forever lost in the internet. So, my summary is as follows, and is thanks to Disney.

“Thus far, you are adrift in the sheltered harbour of my patience”

Vin Hawke
England (← this place is outside the 5 cubic miles that exists in Russia)