Open Letter to Bishop Peter Hancock on his unsuitability to head safeguarding

Subject: Open Letter to Bishop Peter Hancock on his unsuitability to head safeguarding
From: JJ
Date: 8 Jul 2017

A letter to Bishop Peter Hancock Regarding his unsuitability as Safeguarding Representative for the Church of England while he has upheld and employed a criminal abuser

Dear Peter Hancock,

When I saw you using the Peter Ball case to preen yourself and masturbate your ego in public, I had no idea that you had taken over from Paul Butler in the public preening and misleading over safeguarding position, and when I found out, I was horrified, because there has been no justice in my case, and you have been part of the injustice, in employing the man who had me destroyed for his abuser friend.

You employed Bob Key according to these articles below, and there was this disgusting show for a man who has committed very serious and criminal wrongs which destroyed a lone vulnerable adult while he was supported and upheld in this both by the Church of England and the States of Jersey. Up to a million pounds is estimated to have been spent on the whitewash reports that ignored his victim's story.

And as yet the injustice remains, and as his victim, I am suffering beyond relief. A man who destroyed a vulnerable adult for his abuser friend cannot be involved in evangelism as he is a risk to the vulnerable as well as not being a servant of Christ, he can't bring anyone to a God who he hates and has contempt for, and no-one who upholds such a man is a servant of Christ.

The man who destroyed me, was moved to evangelism positions where he will pose a risk to the vulnerable. And Peter Hancock, the new 'safeguarding' stuntman for the church of England has arranged this
I hope that Moira Gibb will accordingly redact her claim that there has been improvement since the Peter Ball matter, because nothing whatsoever has changed. news/2016/12/13/dean-is-to- step-down-in-february/

Mr Key will be working with cathedrals and larger churches in the UK as part of a national prayer initiative called Thy Kingdom Come 2017.

He has also accepted an invitation from the Bishop of Bath and Wells to be part of the team taking forward that diocese’s new strategy for ‘mission and evangelism’. channel/update/2016-12-13/ dean-of-jersey-to-leave-the- island-in-february/

While I’m sorry that Bob and Daphne will be leaving our immediate fellowship, I’m delighted that his particular gifts in evangelism will continue to be available both in the wider life of our Church in the UK and within the Diocese of Bath & Wells
- “Tricky” Trevor

http://www.bailiwickexpress. com/jsy/news/dean-step-down/#. WV_uZYQrLow

States Members were informed this week that he will be taking up a new role with the ‘Archbishops’ Evangelism Task Group’, as part of a national initiative called “Thy Kingdom Come 2017.”
He’ll also be working with the Bishop of Bath and Wells on a “…new strategy for mission and evangelism.”

As safeguarding representative as well as employing this remorseless wrongdoer, you are extremely conflicted as well as unsuitable for your post, and while my case remains needing investigation, it would appear that you are going to actively stand in the way of that, as you employ and uphold the wrongoer, who poses a risk to the vulnerable, in an evangelism position where he will be a risk to the vulnerable.

You aren't a suitable safeguarding representative as you are part of the circle who protect abusers and collude to protect the church and make sure that they aren't held accountable. Nothing has changed since Peter Ball was protected by George Carey, the same has happened over again in my case, but this time you and the Church do a shiny, empty show for the press regarding safeguarding, with no genuine intention or effort to either safeguard, or bring justice to victims.

Your and Justin Welby's protection of Bob Key and Tim Dakin and their wrongs may not be seen to be on the same serious scale of George Carey protecting Peter Ball, but it is exactly the same sort of thing, you have upheld a wrongdoer and destroyed a victim to the point of suicide. No lessons have been learned and nothing has changed, except the fake safeguarding campaign that wasn't around in Ball and Carey's day, which you and Welby and others now run.

I understand from other victims and support groups that Paul Butler stepped down because he was as unsuitable as you for representing safeguarding and he knew it and too many others knew it, certainly his involvement in my case when he was conflicted, as you are, was inappropriate, and no Bishop can represent safeguarding especially the corrupt core connected to the Winchester Diocese as you and Butler are, cannot represent safeguarding, as they continue to have a systemic safeguarding problem.

A man who upholds a criminal abuser such as Bob Key, cannot claim to represent safeguarding. An estimated million pounds was the end total spent on lawyers and PR over the Bob Key matter, and what was that money used for? Protecting the Church's image, protecting Bob Key, Justin Welby and Tim Dakin, for their wrongdoing and dishonesty and harm to me.

And what money was provided to me for equal representation over the three years that the church publicly destroyed and smeared me while claiming to care about safeguarding? Nothing, and they nearly killed me. Do you remember Paul Butler masturbating his ego over Ball's dead victim? Disgusting, but in my case, the church would have slandered me in death as they did in life.

I remain destroyed, while you employ the man who with the help of police, States and others, destroyed me, and if you don't see the problem, of employing the wrongdoer in an unresolved abuse case while you act as safeguarding representative, then there is something wrong with you, and this is not excused by the way the church have branded me as mad, bad or criminal, because that is how the church have systemically treated victims, no lessons learned, for many years. They branded Eli Ward as schitzophrenic, and former Faith Minister Eric Pickles tried to protect the church by telling Theresa Cooper that her problem was her medication.

I suffer night and day as a result of the horrific damage to me by the Church of England since I was 19, and it is at a point where there can never be justice or relief, the suffering has become my life and is not removable. Being abused repeatedly, being treated appallingly by police and NHS as a result, being publicly and utterly destroyed by the church of england, and enduring the complete refusal of the National Safeguarding Team to act on the open and lawless behaviour of the church, is too much to live with, and all of that on top of the background that I came from to end up vulnerable and abused in the church.

Most people would not survive this long with this suffering. And even if and when I do get the final signature for Dignitas, the Church remain responsible and aware of their serious and systemic failures in my case.

And because no-one in my case will be convicted, because the police chose to punish me for reporting old boys with mason, magistrate and other connections, no-one ever will, and thus the Church will refuse to act upon their horrific cover-up of my case and damage to me, because apparently you need a conviction like in the Peter Ball case before you act, even if you have denied the victims so much that one of them ends up dead before they see justice and their abuser removed from church cases.

As you are conflicted and openly supporting wrongdoers, not least Bob and Daphne Key, and have shown neither interest in my side of things nor interest in good safeguarding in removing them from positions where they can harm the vulnerable, you are not suitable as safeguarding representative for the church, and you also need to make sure my case is investigated by a non-conflicted person and agency, which is what I have been asking for quite some time, but the National Safeguarding Team and the Winchester Diocesan Safeguarding representative have been advised to ignore me and put the phone down on me, thankfully I understand that this isn't just me that they do this to, you will have seen several articles published by survivors about this ongoing bad attitude to safegaurding by the Church. Including these:

It would be best if the Church want to continue creating their false illusion of safeguarding, that you step down as official peacock and jester when church abuse is discovered by the press and media, as you are no more suitable than Butler, and before you go, make sure that something is done about the atrocious way that victims are being treated and the your horrifying conflict of interests in the unresolved Jersey and Winchester matter, as although I do not want to live, I want to make sure the duplicity and injustice that you are now the prime figure in, is exposed forever no matter if I die branded, shamed and destroyed while the church condemn me and uphold my abusers.


- victim of the horrific million pound Jersey and Winchester whitewash and decades of abuse and cover-up and lack of safeguarding in the Church of England.