Open Letter to Bill Gates

Subject: Open Letter to Bill Gates
From: @ClimateAdvisor
Date: 2 Nov 2015

Dear Mr. Gates,
I have repeatedly read about your viewpoint that the world’s economic superpowers must develop solutions for saving Earth from overheating. You are absolutely right. Most certainly, this is the only practicable approach. Nevertheless, I am amazed about two other remarks, which you have made in a recent interview with a reporter from the Atlantic Magazine. They are on the mark, too.
You say that private efforts will not be capable of coming up with a solution for preventing overheating of Earth. Again you are right. Free, capitalistic markets must show fast capital recovery. Rescuing Earth from Overheating is a very slow and costly process. Markets, which are based on capitalistic principles, cannot respond by design.
The only alternative seems to be that either an international consortium of the world’s major energy supply companies and an international group of the wealthiest world governments are the two parties left, which are capable of developing, installing, and operating an urgently needed rescue effort. Fossil fuel combustion must be halted first and recreating global temperatures of the 1960s must follow immediately.
Scientifically and technologically such a solution is entirely possible and at least one comprehensive plan for rescuing Earth from lethal overheating has been published. (See references).
Instead of a group or company, a single inventor is proposing a comprehensive rescue plan. However, his chances of being heard are extremely slim. Single inventors have become outdated. No foundation or government agency dares to support work by a single individual. Worse yet, no foundation has responded to a plea for assistance for funding the expensive process of protecting related and critically needed inventions with US Patents.
These rejections fly in the face of historic evidence. Individuals with vision, ideas, and critically accumulated knowledge are the ones, who made all major inventions throughout world history.
Overheating of Earth is the most critical issue of modern times. Most likely, the inability of the world’s economic superpowers and of the United Nations of agreeing on a joint effort of halting global warming is resulting in the risk of having to mount an emergency response to the advancing, inevitable, and drastic change of world climates.
Time is of the essence. Annually, world economies are incurring huge future costs by not acting on halting greenhouse gas emissions and by not having begun efforts for cleansing the atmosphere of Earth. On the other hand, the health of world economies is critically dependent on the ready and sustainable supply of affordable, plentiful, and carbon-neutral energies in the form of electricity and of liquid engine fuels.
No efforts have been made for developing an alternate, worldwide energy supply system, which is capable of converting readily available, non-fossil energy sources into plentiful electric power and engine fuels. However, world economies are lacking several critical energy conversion technologies, which are urgently needed. Substantial development funds are lacking and must be made available as soon as possible. Above all, time is of the essence.
Scientists are beginning to warn of an approaching tipping or flip-flop event, which Nature is going to be forced to meet out. Oceans are warming and are sending more water vapor into the air. Water vapor is twice as effective as carbon dioxide in storing heat and in raising global temperatures. Worldwide, elevated humidity contents of air are going to make higher air temperatures unbearable.
Higher temperatures of oceans and lands in far northern tundras will release large amounts of methane when warming. The melting of ice in the Arctic Ocean, on mountains, and on lands in Arctic Regions will reflect less energy back into Outer Space and will instead absorb more energy from the Sun. Increasing deforestation by wildfires and lacking revival of dead forests is destroying the healing powers of forests. All these processes are going to speed up greatly in the next few decades and will accelerate global warming massively. Assuming that a mere reduction of fossil fuel consumption will reduce the rate of raising temperatures is unrealistic.
There cannot be any doubt; only world governments can act and only the economic superpowers have the resources for saving Earth from overheating and from eventual death by overheating of all life on Earth.
World governments got to act very soon or the only known, intelligent life in the Universe will be extinguished!
Dr.-Ing. Klaus H Hemsath, @ClimateAdvisor

The ‘Helios Program’ is a comprehensive plan for rescuing Earth.
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