Open Letter to Benjamin Netanyahu, "Bibi" Self Defense in Israel and Hospitalier

Subject: Open Letter to Benjamin Netanyahu, "Bibi" Self Defense in Israel and Hospitalier
From: Tyler Jacob Finn
Date: 18 Jan 2019

Hello Prime Minister Netanyahu,

I would like to introduce myself, delve into philosophy and the Word of God, then related to that philosophy and Bible meditation I want to request that you make a policy decision to amend the civil laws of Israel for the benefit of Israeli citizens.

My name is Tyler Finn, I am an American and I deeply love Israel and her people. I love GOD. I deeply embrace my American heritage and culture, its ideals, its independence and strength, and its liberty, all these which comes from God and goes back to God. For God. I believe Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel - but not only of Israel but of the whole World and He takes away our sins. The land is blessed and given to the Jewish people forever. That's God's Truth and Word.

People who belong to God should cling to His Word and to His truth, both of them living them out and applying them in our daily lives as well as in our policies, paths, and choices, stances, strategies. As a Conservative, libertarian, Tea Partier, American, Americanist patriot, someone who holds to these deep, original truths of America, I feel like a dying breed, someone who is marked on a list to expunged and exterminated these days - by my very own fellow-Americans - leftists who *ought* to see through the delusions of evil and instead join for what is right.

What I have written to talk to you about is this: I regularly check the website , and I am very upset about how many people in Israel are being defenselessly slaughtered in knife attacks. Men, women, children, whole buses, whole families in their houses, men on the street, women at bus stops.

I wish that there were today Knights Hospitalier to crusade in Jerusalem, not to take it from anyone, which was never their purpose or activity, but to defend the people of Jerusalem and Israel, and to defend and rescue the wounded and the injured who need medical aid, providing medical aid and physical defense of common people in Israel. They are knights. It was for that reason that the Hospitalier, the Templer, and others were founded. And in that day they fought against radical islamists. I think everyone needs to rethink and rediscover the truth about the crusades.

I am not saying that they were perfect. No, but they were good. They were on our mutual God's side and they loved Him and were on His mission. I am not saying that they did not do wrong in that mission, just as David, Saul and Moses did wrong also. David killed a man and took his wife.

King Saul killed innocent people from the tabernacle and refused to kill an Amalekite king and his livestock. Moses lost his temper and struck the rock of God with his staff, bringing out water with anger but disobeying God's heart desire, and voice. Moses was not allowed to step into the Promised Land as a result. Everyone in the Tanach sinned - even Samuel failed to raise his sons to be honest and just and righteous. Whatever Daniel did, we can be sure he was not perfect.

Yet even king Saul's descendants were loved and her name is Esther! We are all flawed. We all sin. But God forgives. We Christians are sorry. Sorry for oppressing and mistreating and hurting the Jews. I am sorry for the synagogue. In Jerusalem, during the siege. But on an aside, I clearly speak it : Hitler was NOT one of ours. he took God's name in vain and he is not forgiven.

I beg you to re-examine, to re-look at what we have been all learned about the Crusades by looking at WHO has been speaking to us to tell us what to think about the crusades.

All knowledge is slanted by a bias from a viewpoint. There are Three: God's Viewpoint, Man's viewpoint, and Satan's viewpoint. Satan takes God's delightful truth and turns it into something that appears from his opinion view as if God were bad!

That is what happened in the Garden of Eden, sadly...

Back to the question: WHO??

In terms of public media personalities and college teachers, college faculty, authors - it is Leftists.

Leftist authors since 1890 writing against what is true.

Right now today the evil and unclean and insane and of-the-Devil, and deceptive forces of the World today are being openly revealed for what they are, empowering the evil movements around the world to do evil. Leftism.

Leftism loves Islam, hates Judaism, Hates Israel, Hates Jesus, hates Christianity, hates America, hates the West, hates God-Given Freedom, HATES TRUTH, hates unborn babies, hates God's good creation. Hates the idea of Men & Women as God designed.

These are the people who have a monopoly on all education and all public media and news. They control public opinion and they write the opinion on history which we all are expected to swallow and cling to. Well they hate God, Israel, the 2nd Amendment, the Crusades, and anything that is good. The leftists love Islam - so these bad people are the "teachers."

Rediscover it by by thinking independently of the leftist movement which has spread into the world like yeast ever since the socialists were first founded. Look at what harm leftists and their philosophy have done to Israel and the world. Yet does Israel try to embrace leftism as its political stance? It won't work out well.

Men in the Tanach sound more like righties. The major villain of the 2nd World War and his group were radical leftist socialists, and the righty capitalist God-fearing Allies of the Free Word and the West fought them. Not saying that the Allies were perfect either. England did a bad thing after the war. As a result God took away from England her entire worldwide empire. After England mistreated Israel, she had to give up her empire.

Reexamine the crusades, and see through the leftist propaganda spread by those who hate Israel.

Who hates Israel? Leftists always, and who also hates the christians and the crusades? Leftists always. And WHO Dominates public media networks and all public education universities worldwide? Leftists always. And WHO retells us the story of the crusades and writes us the dogma we are to believe? Leftist College teachers always, or leftist news media personalities, authors.

Here is my point:

I ask that you would allow your people, Israeli Jewish citizens, to more openly and frequently arm themselves on the streets, to defend against knife wielding attackers. There are restrictive, leftist, "liberal" laws which are antigun and antiknife and antiweapon of all sort, and which are restrictive not liberal. The law in Israel is not unilateral across the whole countryside and all cities - some may carry, others may not, some places allow it, some do not; and the anti-carry restrictions are strong and many.

In the Book of Nehemiah, the people building the wall carried weapons on their hip or in their hand, swords, spears, other weapons perhaps, and in the other hand they had their trowels and tools to build the wall. We Americans need to build the wall right now these days. All the Godly men of the Tanach were men ready and willing to strap on a sword for Israel and for God.

If an Israeli citizen could even simply carry a long rat-tail-staff like Abraham and Jacob, a Rat-tail staff or Ip Man Pole wherever he went, even that would completely outclass any knife that a terrorist attacker might have. Staffs are better than knives, yet they are so simple and easy and unassuming to carry.

Yet they are forbidden to God's people, it would seem.

As an american American, who believes in american culture and values since its founding, one who believes in what God has done in America to make it as it truly is and is meant to be (not how it is distorted by some), I ask you to make it legal for all Israeli Jewish citizens, whomever you truly trust as citizens, to be unilaterally free to openly carry any weapon they choose, to defend themselves against terrorists and jihadis who want to slaughter them. Anywhere in Israel, not just inside the city streets or in specific locations.

I read so many stories of unarmed Israeli citizens just getting helplessly slaughtered by armed terrorists who hate them.

Police and guards are not enough. There are not enough of them and they cannot possibly be everywhere where civilians are all the time. They cannot arrive fast enough.

But above all God has established His precepts that self defense and being a warrior is the property and heritage and right of ALL God's people, and all human beings period. It is God's character and His opinion. It is right that people should be allowed to defend themselves.

If the common people of Israel and Jerusalem were able to always carry whatever arm they want, on their hip and in their hand like in the Book of Nehemiah, then so many people's lives would be saved that I daily read about on

Those people could have been alive today having a good life.

Please Mr. Netanyahu, do not sacrifice or compromise the land, territory, sovereignty, strength, defense, lawfulness, Biblical borders and promise of the whole land, the given words of God, or the blessings of God - not for political gain or for anything else.

Please uphold Israeli citizens and the precepts of God, alter the existing civil law and make open carry of all weapons legal and fine for all Israelis everywhere - remove the restrictions and technicalities. make it fine for all trusted citizens everywhere all the time, instead of "only sometimes." Let people be Knights Hospitalier everywhere and all the time and whenever, to help others and to defend them. That is the reason of the crusade.

I hope that this open letter finds you well, and that it will bless your heart and perhaps convince you.

Tyler Finn Sincerely