open letter Atlanta Falcons 2017 season

Subject: open letter Atlanta Falcons 2017 season
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 16 Jan 2018

I don't want to put the falconsdowneventhough you made the playoffs the falcons came up will bad not only of not winning the nfc south but the playoff . I would expected that the falcons would be favor of winning the nfc south & actually winning the nfc south perhaps representing the nfc & perhaps a long shot competing for a super bowl but , that didn't happen . The falcons competed in two super bowls just have to wonder will the falcons ever make it back to the super bowl & winning the super bowl bringing Atlanta a championship. The communities has giving a lot with a new stadium to a franchise that been very medium average team over the years hoping the falcons will be a competitive team in competing for championships .falcons came close last year should have won the game despite of Tom Brady & New England Patriots but, losing this year at the last play against Philadelphia Eagles that's bad. It was a good average season for the falcons hoping next season it would positive one competing competitively perhaps a championship!