a open letter to American voters

Subject: a open letter to American voters
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 9 Aug 2020

I know that all of you registered voters out their isn't going to buy into Kayne West as a real protential president candidate 2020 . Kayne West perhaps have some mental health problems but, Kayne isn't serious about being president perhaps Kayne want some attention I don't know perhaps his last album didn't sale as good that he hope so I guess Kayne got in mind to run for president ..Kayne perhaps is a genius musician etc but a politician president candidate . People you know that Kayne is a supporter of Donald Trump the Republican party is trying to get him on the 2020 ballot Kayne isn't really serious this is joke Kayne is trying to get on the ballot just to help Trump plus Kayne perhaps has a business interest to help Trump get reelected for another term. At the end of the day you can vote for who ever you if it Kayne West Donald Trump or Joe Biden just hope you vote for the right presidential candidate that is looking out for your interests not the interests of themselves or helping a particular candidate to stay in office. I know a lot of you voters are smarter than to fall for Kayne West as a real president candidate for the office.