An open letter to all those who advocates #saynotowar

Subject: An open letter to all those who advocates #saynotowar
From: khushi joshi
Date: 28 Feb 2019

This is an open letter to all those who advocates #saynotowar.
‘WAR’ AND ‘WAR AGAINST TERRORISM’ MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. It’s high time we understand that it is the new age war and it’s fought through many other evolved battlespaces. One of which is psychological warfare. Let me remind you it started not so long ago from the argument of ‘freedom of speech’ only to voice ‘bharat tere tukde honge inshah allah inshah allah’ And From ‘everyone’s right to dissent’ thier dissent was something like ‘afsal hum sharminda hai, tere kaatil zinda hai’ and ‘hum kya chahte aazadi, chheen ke lenge aazadi’. And when the government raised issue with these activities it got widely tagged as ‘intolerant’ governance. That’s the PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE for you guys. It shields itself behind the most ethical and unimpeachable sounding phrases, the narrative that you can’t challenge or impeach because of it’s high-moral face-value. It basically plays with your mind and emotion. The best example of this type of warfare was shielded under ‘human rights violation act’ in Kashmir where they protested any action taken against kashmiri militants and stone pelters, in the name of ‘human rights’, but remained quite when our Army men were beheaded or killed. I hope now you can clearly see the truth behind #saynotowar. Because it hits hard to the sentiment of Indians by the argument that says ‘It’s easy to sit at home and cheerlead war but if there is blood shed , than there are families that has to suffer losses ’. But you must also be reminded that the attack of pulwama that happened just a few days ago cost us 44 jawaans not in a war, but in an act of terrorism. And in pathankot and in 26/11 and in attacks before that. There were lives taken and families incurred losses and country lost thier brave men, all this in the ACT OF TERRORISM. So now when there is a leadership that decides to act upon it and EXTERMINATE TERRORISM from its roots by attacking the citadels of terrorism that stood tall and manufactured terror from ages, with a strategic blueprint of zero collateral damage, some people clearly doesn’t want to see that happening. And hence they give you #SAYNOTOWAR. This is the psychological warfare that intends to divide the nation. The current leadership has directed the generalship in the most effective and most ethical way possible to be at war. Only if things would have gone drastically wrong we would be discussing how it was a faulty leadership. But that’s not the case and we don’t have a modern archetype to make comparisons. So some people just sit and suggest there should not be any measures taken to counter terrorism. Let us fight these faulty and malicious narratives that are manufactured with intellect and intention to divide us. Let us fight these enemies within the nation by standing united while our trusted establishment fights the real enemies. And most importantly Lets not think that exterminating terrorism is only the prerogative of the superpowers like America anymore. This is NEW INDIA. It’s about to show the world the unprecedented possibilities to coexist in peace. It’s the INDIA that also believes in saam daam dand bhed, to protect it’s sovereignty and ethos of greater good. It’s the NEW INDIA and it’s ready to lead the world in the years to come. Jai hind.