open letter african americans voters

Subject: open letter african americans voters
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 16 Nov 2019

I'm not here to tell anyone on who to vote for rather you're a republican or democrat but, when you vote for the candidate of your choosing ask yourself if he or she has the best interest for you for all americans of just for himself? I know if you watch news shows where Donald Trump is trying a sale pitch to African American to vote for him in which it's all a scam just my view .remember this is the same guy in 2016 saying what you got to lose in voting Trump where it's supreme courts voting rights education higher paying jobs healthcare etc. A lot of you didn't vote at all in 2016 particular in the battleground states like because you didn't like either candidate Trump or Clinton you perhaps voting for Jill Stein or stay home. Trump is the same guy that said blacks are lazy no education calling neighborhoods rats infestation sh*t house discrimination in the 70' calling nfl players SOB etc remember those things before you go to the ballot booth in 2020 .just saying Donald Trump isn't your friend nor perhaps the republicans they're want to stay home all together to keep power in the republicans hands! Donald Trump is nothing more but a con man just wants your vote or stay home like in 2016!Again I'm not telling you on whom to vote just remember Donald Trump isn't a friend to know one even to some of his black associates & celebrities friends that support him Donald Trump is all about Donald Trump