An Open Letter About Jose Mourinho's Antics from a Gentleman

Subject: An Open Letter About Jose Mourinho's Antics from a Gentleman
From: A Gentleman
Date: 16 Sep 2015

I recently read about Jose Mourinho's reaction after Everton beat them 3-1 and I must say I was quite disappointed though not surprised! I don't doubt that Mourinho is a great manager and his success has been undeniable but it doesn't prevent him form being a rude and stroppy child at times.

In this particular case he had a grump on because Roberto Martinez had been called in to speak to the media about his teams victory, something I am sure he was glad to do after such a memorable win. Of course Mourinho had to somehow find offence in this and was irritated that he hadn't been called in first so his team could leave the away fixture, to which he added a few expletives.

The truth is that these media interviews take less than 10 minutes and unless Chelsea hold some record for the quickest showering and changing in history, his team wouldn't have even been ready to leave regardless.

Its this sort of unnecessary behaviour that really shows the true nature of a man, of course Mourinho would have been frustrated at his sides performance but you have to put it into perspective and would he have returned the favour if it was the other way around? Of course not. He would have had absolutely no thought for the other manager and team.

I myself am I big admirer of Arsene Wenger, of course there are instances where he loses his cool somewhat but at the heart of it he is an intelligent and polite man who I think Arsenal are fortunate to have. Yes he might not have made decisions that all his fans agree with but in terms of running a business and a team he does a great job, especially when you take the spending of the likes of Manchester City and United into account.

The sad truth is that football hasn't been a sporting and gentlemanly game in a long time. It has instead been overtaken by brash, arrogant idiots who are unfortunately seen as 'role models' to the younger generations. In fact I hate the idea that people will look up to the vast majority of these players! They teach younger generations nothing of decency, professionalism or manners both on and off the pitch. Mourinho is the perfect example of this, it might look cool to act as if you are a sophisticated gentleman but it is a thin veil that he is creating for himself that he often lets slip.