Online Message No.36 for my bestest Buddy Vince from Appa

Subject: Online Message No.36 for my bestest Buddy Vince from Appa
From: Appa
Date: 7 May 2021

Dear Vincent,

I have posted some messages for you on the internet ONLY because some corrupt government people have locked me out of my 6 email accounts and I learned three months ago that the U.S. government has been using the U.S. Post Office to to do some of their dirty work as you can see in this article and videos.

Now I really don't know how many of my 40 letters I sent you since I got back from China in August of 2019 were delivered or how many of my 800+ emails I sent you since I arrived in China in 2008 until I was detained for 485 on April 11, 2018 in China at the request of the American FBI went through? No buddy I was not charged with any crime and on the papers the Chinese gave me, it said I was being detained 15 days for my expired passport (yes, the same one I told you about in 2009 that the U.S. embassy refused to renew for me). Why did they do this?

If you remember, I told you years ago I had written a book long before you were born about government and corporate crimes that I witnesses when I worked for the government and then a Fortune 500 company. Well, even though the FBI seized my original book manuscripts from your Grandma's House when you were just 1 month old (you were actually there when it happened with Mom, Emo, and Grandma). I rewrote the book when we all moved to Canada a 2-3 months later. I did not know at that time, that the FBI was reading my book as I was typing it in real time and I guess they did not like what I was writing about them! When they tried to recruit me in Miami and I said "No Thanks" they probably got worried and here is why:

As you can see Vince, five if the 47 chapters of the book are about FBI corruption and the crimes they committed, and the murders of their informants they themselves facilitated.

So you see buddy, when there are witnesses of serious government crimes, the government will do everything possible to discredit those witnesses, and when they can't, they will just make sure they have some accident and die - just like Seth Rich. They actually murdered 2 of my good friends and a business associate of mine who were also witnesses to one of the same crimes as I witnessed, committed by a former vice-president. Mom knew Pierre and his wife too and we had socialized together when you were still in mom's belly. Here is the crimes we were all witnesses too.

The other friend was a BIG guy named Scotty Galin who I sold a boat to in Miami when I was the Sales Manager at Champion Marine. He died in a private plane crash with a famous black singer named Aliyah in the Bahamas. They sabotaged the plane to crash and everyone on it died.

Buddy they tried to kill me 5 times over the last 20 years, twice in Miami, once in Canada, and even twice in China...

In Miami they put me in a prison and then leaked to all the prisoners that I was an undercover federal agent. The prisoners believed it and one guy stabbed me in my stomach and in my neck with a sharp pencil but luckily he missed my jugular vein and my spinal column. I still have the scars.

Then when I was selling yachts and boats for Champion Marine someone tried to shoot me at Fort Apache Marina when I was talking on a pay phone but the drive by shooter shot the pay-phone instead of me! I guess it was my lucky day.

After we moved to Canada and bought our house, everything was calm and quiet for 6 months and then one day a fricking swat team showed up outside our house, just as your mom and I were going to film her TV show. The FBI told the Immigration Canada people to detain me in maximum security even though I had not broken any immigration laws! The bastards listened to the FBI and locked me up with Karlheinz Schreiber and some biker gang members and Lloyd (you may have met him, he is Leslie's husband). While I was jailed there, a complete stranger who I never even spoke to snuck up behind me and tried to stab me. Only by luck, I was saved by a Toronto undercover detective named Abraham Chris Bailey who jumped on the guy a second before I would have been stabbed. They just took the man out of the cell and we never saw him again. We only found out his name was "Chris".

Anyway, an honest judge named Patrick LeSage told immigration Canada they were detaining me illegally and they finally let me out after 10.5 months just in time to play with you everyday and be the father I always wanted to be. But I was locked up without charges during those 10.5 months when you took your first steps. While we were racing go carts, playing computer games, and playing baseball and soccer the FBI was scheming to discredit me again and for 8 years tried to extradite me to America by falsely claiming I committed stock fraud in Florida, even though mom and 9 witnesses in Parma, Ohio including a dentist who pulled out one of my teeth in Ohio could prove I was not in Florida but visiting your grandma every day for three months in her hospital room until she finally died just 3 months before you were born.

We spent a fortune on 4 different lawyers, but one of them took a bribe from the FBI to "misplace" a video tape of a drug smuggling FBI agent named Terry Nelson that I shared with MP Paul Szabo, and I was sent back to New York to go to trial for this fake stock fraud. But they would not give me a speedy trial and they did not even indict or arraign me for about 90 days. Instead, the prosecutor just kept trying to push me to say I was guilty and she would let me go free if I agreed.

But I said I wanted my "speedy trial" (a constitutional right in America). I refused to plead guilty (cuz I didn't commit any stock fraud), so she just let me rot behind bars. I wrote a letter and sent two legal motions called a "Habeas Corpus" and a "Motion To Dismiss" and sent them to the oldest and most honest judge in America - Jack Weinstein in Brooklyn. That judge sent for me and let me tell my whole story in his court room for almost 2 hours, and then asked the prosecutor if I was lying and what evidence did she have that the 11 page sworn report of the Canadian P.I. Ed Reiken were false.

She could not disagree with what I said nor the P.I,'s report, so the judge set me free and I was home for Christmas to play Santa Claus for the eighth year in a row, and your eyes were still as big as quarters when you saw Santa putting gifts under the tree your mom had decorated so beautifully.

But the FBI were pissed off that I went back to Canada where they could not force me to cooperate with them, and they did something really evil. They went looking for another Judge that would be willing to charge me again with the very same fake crime! They found one. Our one very honest lawyer in Toronto Marshal Drukarsh then told us that he was tipped off that the FBI would try to get me deported or just kidnap me back to America.

So I met with our MP in Mississauga (Omar Alghabra) who consulted with two of my best lawyers. And what they told me I will only repeat to you face to face. But these FBI guys started suggesting that they would arrest mom and charge her with smuggling cigarettes (absolutely a lie but as they said to me "Yeah we know its not true, but we have the witnesses who would convince any jury she is guilty") Your mom never even got a parking ticket in her life.

Also, according to Canadian immigration law, if they deported me for any reason, even falsely, I would never be allowed back into Canada as long as I live. But as Marshal told mom and I "If you leave Canada voluntarily, you could return any time and stay for 6 months, leave for a day and come back for another 6 months". The lawyers and MP confirmed that was true. And I did not want to risk that fake cigarette smuggling charge, and seeing mom in handcuffs or a jail cell and another $100,000 of legal fees.

Mom and I agreed I should go abroad for 3-6 months and then just come back after the pressure was off of Canada. 5 RCMP agents tried to help me stay in Canada, even the Superintendent Ben Soave, but they were all told to butt out by the Minister of Justice for PM Harper. (read Chapter 47).

Off to China I went, and about 45 days after I was gone mom got some threatening messages on the answering machine and this surprise in our kitchen, less than 18 inches from you Computer monitor. Those 4 bullet holes scared the hell out of mom, especially because you were the only man in the house at age 8. At the very same time this was happening, I was also getting threatened in Beijing as you can read here

Of course mom called me in China, rightfully hysterical and also telling me that she was a few months pregnant with Dylan (a big surprise for both of us) As I told you on the phone, the FBI pulled yet another dirty trick and put me on the "no-fly list" so I could not leave China. They knew I finished writing my book and knew that I would take it to MP Alghabra and ask for sanctuary in Canada and ask for citizenship.

Since I was trapped in China, unable to fly out, I took a train to Mongolia and tried to take a flight home from Ulan Battor but I was even on the Mongolian computer system no-fly list and became super depressed. I needed to be home with mom and you and these dirty bastards made it impossible with all their foul play. If you want to know about the two shootings at our house go the Peel Regional Police and read the police reports, look at the photos and listen to the recordings of the 2 death threats that had mom in tears for a week.

Then I had the idea to take a cruise ship to Vancouver from Shanghai so I packed up my bags and went to the port of Shanghai to buy a ticket. But after I gave the ticket agent my passport she shook her head and told me, "you don't have enough days left on your passport to take an international cruise". I didn't know what she was talking about since the ship would be in Vancouver in 7-9 days and I had like 80 days left on my passport. Then she told me that to take an international cruise there was a rule that would I need to have at least 90 days remaining on my passport!!!!!!

So, I rushed back to Beijing to get my passport renewed and that is when the fun and games really began. The girl at the embassy said it would cost me extra $$$ to expedite my new passport and I said no problem, but when she took it into the back office she didn't come back out for at least 20 minutes and then handed my passport back to me and said "Im sorry sir, my boss says you can only renew your passport back in America." I knew that was a lie so I asked to speak with her boss, but he claimed he was "busy" and refused to come out.

So I went to see the Ambassador in the embassy but I was told he was not in Beijing and would be back in 2-3 days and I needed an appointment to see him. Long story short they never gave me an appointment and they would not even let me speak to the ambassador on the phone! I was trapped in China!

As I wrote to you before I got desperate and tried to send myself home in a crate by FEDEX, jumped aboard and hid on a Japanese freight ship, snuck in to both Mongolia and Vietnam to bribe a cargo pilot and buy a Vietnamese passport. But I got caught by FEDEX and the crew of the freighter, cheated in Mongolia and robbed and beaten in Vietnam (all in 2015 and 2016) And that's when mom said she would bring me home from her end.

As for my book it was finished in China but now it needs 3 new chapters to include how the U.S. govt. bribed a corrupt Chinese cop to have me picked up and detained 485 days incommunicado in a Chinese Gulag allegedly for my expired passport! This tells that story

During those 485 days locked up without charges, 7 people from the U.S. embassy came to visit but they never brought me the new passport that would have got me released after 15 days. But they did bring me a toothbrush 4 months later for Christmas. I gave them 26 pages of letters I wrote to send to you and mom, MP Alghabra, Atty Drukarsh, Judge Weinstein, Secretary Pompeo, and both the U.S. and Canadian ambassador. Although they promised they would mail them for me, a year later their boss Leslie Doumbia told me that she didn't let a single one of them be mailed and smiled ear to ear while she told me this.

And I mentioned that there were two attempts to kill me in China, but not by the Chinese. Here is the last attempt explained on the below link, and you can read about the first event in my book manuscripts since it was a sophisticated scheme that takes a whole chapter to explain.

As for the fake charges created by the FBI they were all dismissed twice but the evidence exposing the the lies of the two corrupt FBI agents, the prosecutor tried to make sure nobody saw it, but it is here to read on the the last 15 pages of this link:

Vince, I did not choose for any of this to happen. I was raised in all private Catholic schools from Kindergarten to high school. I reported the murders of my friends and partners, starting in the Coast Guard, then at the IRS and finally with Pierre, Al, and Scotty. I also reported the crooked FBI who wanted me to help him smuggle drugs into the U.S. and Canada through Puerto Rico where I lived for 7 years. I said "No Thanks" even after he offered to pay me $100,000 a month. He eventually got caught with a load of cocaine in Canada but look what they did to me and our family for 30 years of my life, and now I cannot even give you or mom a hug.

I am not a criminal Vince. I just tried to do the right thing. Read Chapter 47 if you do not believe me. BTW... one of the corporate crimes I did report anonymously to the FDA and CBS news was on 60 minutes way back in 1990 or 91, (can't remember now). It is chapter 8 and I attached it for you here. It is called Bad Blood.

I love you Vince and I have many pleasant stories to share with you but if I can't be sure you are receiving my communications, I don't want to share more secrets with strangers. Mom is not even talking with me and I do not know why, unless she found some other guy to take my place or maybe she was threatened again? I am counting on YOU to bring our family back together, but I don't know what you were told and if it was not the truth I will be angry and sad. That is why I will continue leaving you messages on line (up to 36 online messages) until I hear back from you.

Hey Vince please send me some photos of you, mom and Dylan and the coffee cup you made for me. And please make sure mom does not throw away my clothes and keep my car for me if you are not going to drive it. I have nothing here in New York because when they detained me in China they did not allow me to bring anything other than one of my phones and my briefcase. All my clothes, money, gold are back in Beijing in the same apartment where you visited me. I also have my life insurance paperwork there and the details for my bitcoin wallet (I bought six bitcoins for as a graduation gift for you when they were only $230). Remind mom that we have something xxxxxxxxxxxx but it is in her name and she has the keys. We need to go there together so we can all start new lives - hopefully together. PLEASE tell mom, Dylan, and Hominy I love and miss them too much and want to come home already. Before I forget, please check your email because I asked a friend to send you something, since I cannot.

No matter what, I will always keep my promise to come home for you even if mom doesn't want me any more. I never lied to you Vince and I hope you never lie to me. Please call me at 646-X34-5617. The missing digit is the month of your birth. I love you the mostest - Appa

P.S. I know my story is crazy but this guy in Ottawa can confirm it for you