to the ones criticizing Donald Trump reopen government

Subject: to the ones criticizing Donald Trump reopen government
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 26 Jan 2019

To all those that wanted the border wall.

I want to say to the ones that support Donald J. Trump that wanted the border wall at whatever cost criticizing Trump for caving in to reopen the government it shouldn't took thirty -five to open the government when you have federal workers &contractors workers out of work without their paychecks force to work for free furloughed.It really ashamed when you have federal workers going to soup kitchen to get selling their belongings to pay for rent etc!Oh course people like Ann Coulter Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity Laura Ingraham &TheTrump administration Trump family members etc don't understand nor care that average americans actually work everyday for their paychecks they wasn't born into wealth like millonnaires &billonnaires like Donald Trump &other billonnaires . So you trump supporters upset about Donald Trump giving in to Democrats particular Speaker Nancy Pelosi go f**** off.the winners are the federal workers who getting their jobs back perhaps in two or three weeks workers will get reimbursements personally this just saying the federal workers should consider taking legal action against the Trump administration if they don't get their reimbursements since this is donald trump's shutdown.