NRSC: We Will Never Forget Mississippi

Subject: NRSC: We Will Never Forget Mississippi
From: Republican America
Date: 28 Jun 2014
Remember Mississippi

Dear NRSC,

I am so disgusted at your work in helping to re-elect Thad Cochran in Mississippi. As a conservative, a *true* republican and a true American, I am fed up with the Republican party establishment. We don't want Thad Cochran. We don't need Thad Cochran. We want true leaders who believe the same self-evident conservative truths as the likes of George Washington. We want new leadership like Chris McDaniel.

I see your website header says "building a new senate". Is that supposed to be a joke? Reelecting Thad Cochran is not building a new senate. Thad Cochran has been in Washington for decades, and he has done nothing to stop the liberal agenda. Rather, he has helped to push it forward. Republicans do not want senators like Cochran, and that is why he had to use smear tactics and call on Democrat voters to win his campaign. We are ashamed to admit that Cochran is an American, much less a Republican.

I will never, ever donate to you. Ever. And I will certainly encourage everyone else to follow my lead. My donations will go to the Senate Conservatives Fund, where I know the money will be used to elect honest, freedom loving, hardworking citizens like Chris McDaniel; not RINOs like Cochran.

Thanks alot for helping to elect "leaders" who will just follow the Democrats in destroying America.

Be forewarned: We will never forget Mississippi.