A normal day for me without my bio mom

Subject: A normal day for me without my bio mom
From: Sam Rheaume
Date: 29 Nov 2017
Sam Rheaume

To Leslie,
this is how I normally feel going through my days without you around.
I am currently sitting in class alone. I hear other people talking and laughing. I think of things to try and lift my mood or start conversing. But it is no use, I sit here in my desk angry and alone. Normally I don't mind being alone, but today is different. You are no where near me to make feel better. Our worlds are different now. As much as I hate missing you, I can't help it. Even if I were to hear your voice, I don't think it would make anything better. I think I would lose it and become emotional. I find myself thinking about you all the spare moments I have. Things I see and hear remind me of you. You are everywhere, but are nowhere to be found. Some days are harder than others, today is definitely a harder day. I wish our relationship was different. I wish we could be mother and daughter like we're supposed to be. Or even just together. Today, I hate being alone. Today, being alone is lonely.