Nike Sneaker Raffles

Subject: Nike Sneaker Raffles
From: Tom
Date: 20 Dec 2023

Hello Nike!

I have a son, he is 14 years of age and the started playing club basketball one year ago. His Christmas wish this season were basketball shoes. The Nike Kobe 6 Protro Reverse Grinch. What a flashy name!

So I wanted to buy him these flashy shoes. But not so fast I had to learn that it`s not so easy anymore these days. I hardly noticed the last years that there are some assholes around buying concert tickets and sneakers just for the purpose of reselling them immediately. But I wasn`t really aware of the marketing thing called a Sneaker Raffle.

I really have to give you that, you are really working those teenage kids. They are going nuts due to this sneaky shortage of supply and time limitations. You are playing the whole keyboard of marketing on those boys, showing them the stinky finger of capitalism without them even noticing. If you asked me to apply for shoes in a raffle, I would tell you where to stick it.

Well, I registered at but we weren’t lucky. I did get no Nike Kobe 6 Proton Reverse Grinch. They were sold out seconds after the launch. But some minutes later I had my chance again. To buy them from ebay. This time the price was starting at 400 Euro and rising, that`s a surcharge of 220 Euro or 120% compared to the original price of 180 Euro in the raffle.

To sum this up. If it ever has Nike stands no longer for sportsmanship and fairness. That`s just meaningless marketing bullshit. Nike is only one more cold-blooded fuck in a fucked up corporate world.