To the Next Man I Love and the Man That Will Step Up for My Son

Subject: To the Next Man I Love and the Man That Will Step Up for My Son
From: MOMS
Date: 4 Jan 2018

To the next man I love, I hope to find you soon. There are just some things I think you should know.

I will love you with all of my heart. I will appreciate you, comfort you, support you, and care for you. I am a single mother, and I don't mean that as I'm a mother that is not in a romantic relationship. I am a single mother that has no help from my son's father. Of course it wasn't always this way though. He was around for the whole pregnancy, he was there everyday for about a year after our son was born. But, he never was really there for our son. Physically there? Yes. Mentally and emotionally there? No.

I will be difficult to love. So just a heads up, you have your work cut out for you. But that's not because I'm irrational, bicker with you, or anything. I'm hard to love because I know what my love is worth. I gave everything for 3 years to a "man" who lied, cheated, manipulated, mentally and emotionally abused me. I never give up trying. So if I love you, I don't take it lightly. I won't throw it away without a fight.

As you know, I have a son. My son is my world, my best friend, and my mini me. He has a smile that can change your whole life, a laugh that's extremely contagious, and an attitude from his Momma. You wouldn't know it when you see him, but he has been pushed around and hurt just as I have. He witnessed all the bad times with his Daddy and I. He has seen me cry, seen me take up for him, he's been there with me everytime I tried to leave his Daddy, and his Daddy made him see things I wish I could change.
He used to not be afraid of strangers, but with how our life has gone, don't be surprised if when you meet him all he will say to you is "This is my mommy". He can't be hurt again, and I won't let him get hurt again.

To the man that will step up for my son. I hope you know that he will need you. He will cherish you, and when he loves you it will make your whole world glow. If you chose to be his Daddy, you will not regret it. But remember, he's as fragile as I am. So don't come around unless you plan to stay forever.

With that being said, I hope we meet you soon. There is so much happiness we are ready to share.