A new Letter to Bishop Tim Dakin

Subject: A new Letter to Bishop Tim Dakin
From: HG
Date: 13 May 2016

Formal letter of Warning to Bishop Tim Dakin.

Dear Bishop Dakin,

This letter does not annul previous letters, it re-iterates and reinforces them.

Incredibly I nearly wrote to you a few weeks ago to ask you not to attack me during my exams, but because I was becoming accustomed to stony silence from you (which was no bad thing) I decided to chance it and not waste another letter.

The fact that it had been six months since the last attack rather than the usual four both worried and reassured me.
But I am aware that while I live and the Diocese stands, the attacks will not stop, which is why I am writing to remind you of my formal warnings to you and the court action which I will repeat more powerfully if you do not desist from harming me. In the end, my life is at stake and your career is at stake, which of us is going to fight more desperately?

Let me be clear in what I am asking. What you have done to me is evil and cannot be either absolved or repaired through an apology, which, knowing you, has not been made for the right reasons but will undoubtedly be motivated by other people, deceit, PR or some reason that does not relate to your sorrow for your abominable behaviour. Had your repentance or genuine remorse been a factor, then actions would have accompanied your apology, including a press release and a statement of redaction of your whitewash reports.

If you continue to cause disruptions which cause breakdowns of my health, work, accommodation, studies and relationships then I will continue action against you until you stop or are removed. Your actions are destroying me.

And if you were in any organization other than the Church of England you would have already been dismissed, the Church are incredibly lawless and psychopathic in what they allow, condone and refuse to deal with among their clergy.

To me, after what you have done, a message from you, claiming to be an 'apology' is just an attack. It is woefully, pitifully inadequate to 'apologise' by email, and it is not accompanied by any atonement or resolution, and thus you are not apologizing because you are not taking responsibility.

I hold you responsible for my poor health and my situation of living in fear of your whitewash Gladwin and Steel reports and that contemptible whitewash by the conflicted Stewart Gull, Glenys Johnstone, Ian Gorst and Jane Fisher. I charge you with the responsibility of annulling these reports publicly, and if you can't, then what exactly are you 'apologizing' for?

Your apology is not accepted until or unless the wrongdoers in my case face justice, and as I have said, please make sure a list of my complaints is taken, it is exhaustive both in names and in crimes and misconducts, let me start you on a list of examples including Diocesan and Bishops staff, clergy, laity, Churchwardens and others:

· Joyce Cockell - perversion of the course of justice, dishonesty leading to harm to a vulnerable adult, false testimony, safeguarding failures, breaches of the data protection act, etc

· Gavin Foster and Martyn Sanders, the same as Joyce Cockell
· Jane Fisher - the same as Joyce Cockell, and Bitterne Parish and the Bishop of Southampton for upholding her and leaving the congregation open to her abuse.
· Helen Gunner, the same as Fisher and Cockell
· All Diocesan staff involved in the perversion of the course of justice, deliberate harm to a homeless and destroyed vulnerable adult and lies to police and courts between 2010 and 2011.
· Bob Key,
· Gavin Ashenden
· Tracy Bromley
· Mark and Teri Bond
· Judith Davey
· Phil and Heather Warren and relatives
· Paul Brooks
· David and Bridget Shaw
· Ian LeMarquand
· Neville Brooks
· John and Sue Harkin
· Mike and Lindy Taylor
· Peter Ould
· Philip and William Bailhache
· George and Jill Lihou and associated facilitators of their harm to me
· Jon and Anna Honor
· Michael Birt
· Gerard LeFeuvre
· David Capps
· Robb and Janet Averty and all assistive protectors and facilitators
· Juliet and Fred Montague and all assistive protectors and facilitators
· Margaret Fowkes
· Jill Aussant
· Jennifer and David Brown
· Tim Sledge
· Jax Machin
· Juli Wills
· Julie Wallman
· Bruce Willings
· Glenys Johnstone
· Stewart Gull
· Heather Steel
· John Gladwin
· Christine Daly
· Hampshire social services
· Justin Welby
· John Sentamu
· Trevor Willmott
· Daphne Green
· Mark Hedley
· Batt-Broadbent
· Luther-Pendragon
Paul Handley and Madaleine Davies
· Paul Townsend and all clergy and members of Winchester Churches together who aided Fisher and Scott-Joynt in Destroying me to cover up for themselves on my return homeless and destroyed to Winchester in 2010.
· Elizabeth Hall, Jane Fisher, Jill Sandham, Paul Butler - on the understanding that they have already faced action but I do not know if they will continue to be a risk to the vulnerable.
· All others who have been involved in harm to me but who's names escape me or are not known to me.
Some not named out of courtesy
· All authorities in Jersey who have harmed me or protected people who have harmed me. Including the Lieutenant-Governor, your lawyer, judiciary, States members - memorably Juliette Gallichan and friends, and all doctors and support services and professionals who harmed me for Jane Fisher or because of her interventions, not least Autism Jersey, Victim Support, Mental Health Advocacy and the Grace Trust.
· All members of the press and media, especially Matthew Price, who the church protected when he destroyed his clergy wife and then he repaid the favour by destroying me for the Church in 2009.

As I have mentioned this list is exhaustive and includes EVERY corrupt or brutal police officer, judge, lawyer, member of clergy, laity and Bishop's staff and member of the public who has harmed me, slandered me or caused me distress or isolation or shame or pain.

Unfortunately you are entirely liable, as Bishop of Winchester and as the Bishop who destroyed me publicly. I would like you to refrain from further harm to me and instead start work on your legal and disciplinary action against the people in this list.

You are to ensure that the Jersey Deanery are adequately reprimanded for their dangerous, deceitful and unChristian behaviour as well as the Winchester and Andover Deaneries. And also you are liable to ensure that they are trained in safeguarding and inclusion as it has been clear from the continued and relentless attacks that they have no understanding of safeguarding, abuse or vulnerable or marginalised people. Thus the risk of abuse and cover up remain high.

I look forward to witnessing your work and making sure you have my evidences, and receiving the genuine apologies of those named above along with your genuine apology in due course as well as recompense, clearing of my name and the assurance that I can live in peace, safety and freedom from fear.