New Laws America MUST have to restore our democracy, sovereignty, prosperity, social stability, meritocracy and the American Dream for our children...which the WEF is now trying to deny us all.

Subject: New Laws America MUST have to restore our democracy, sovereignty, prosperity, social stability, meritocracy and the American Dream for our children...which the WEF is now trying to deny us all.
From: Bruce Gorcyca (Military Vet)
Date: 19 Jan 2023

After more than half a century living on this planet, with 30 years of them traveling the world, observing the governments, societies, and cultures of 27 countries, and with degrees in Public Administration, Political Science, and Business Administration, 10 years of civic leadership positions, another decade of volunteer work (Red Cross and AIDS counselor), 5 years working in federal law enforcement, and even a stint as a Fortune 500 executive, I have been exposed to a diverse and broad spectrum of Americans, what angers them, what they want/need most in this world, and what is being stolen from them.

From what I have seen we all want dignity, economic stability, personal safety, a gratifying career, healthy family, and basic rights of free speech, free travel, and the right to choose for themselves and their family. None of us want to be exploited nor transformed into economic slaves dependent on any government for survival.

But now, we see wealthy elite oligarchs meeting every year in DAVOS trying to elevate themselves above governments, to decide our future as if somebody actually elected, or even asked them to do so! We didn't. President O'Bama, one of the WEF leaders suggested "The common people are too small-minded to make their own decisions, and they need us as their leading sovereign". Obama was badly mistaken. What we need most are these new federal laws...

1. A law that makes all verbal, printed, and online censorship illegal with the only exception being hate speech against a race, gender, or creed of people.

2. A law that prohibits dark moneys in politics and reverses Citizens United.

3. A law that prohibits any and all forms of discrimination and selective law and policy enforcement or denial of any civil, human, or constitutional right(s). Police officers who violate this new law will pay the victim $100,000 per incident or serve 1 year in jail - allowing the victim to choose which punishment. A second offense would require both punishments, and third offense would triple the punishment along with mandatory transfer to a desk job.

4. A law that prohibits any business/corporation from donating any monies to a political candidate, and requires lobbyists to restrict all communications with elected officials by email.

5. A law that stops FBI Directors from being appointed by presidents. They should be elected by the 2/3 thirds majority of sheriffs across America. That law would also require all FBI to be polygraphed twice a year to eliminate political weaponization and corruption.

6. A law that prohibits more than $1 billion of U.S. tax dollars being given to foreign countries or causes without a public referendum of American citizens in which a 60% majority vote is required and a proposed use of proceeds to be published on line 30 days prior to appropriation.

7. A law that guarantees the perpetual choice of every American resident to choose their own vehicles, residence, foods, appliances, travel, medicines etc. In other words no mandates without written informed consent.

8. A law that allows a no-confidence vote in any elected leader suspected of criminal acts, corruption, or breach of national security by any 150 members of Congress or 50 Senators.

9. A law that requires any prosecutor, judge, or law enforcement officer involved in a false, malicious, or political prosecution and/or false imprisonment to be fired, jailed for 1 year, and compelled to pay the victim $500,000 each.

10. A law that requires immigrants to serve 3 years in military service, the National Guard, State Militia, or the Peace Corps before being granted U.S. citizenship.

11. A law that requires every high school in America to teach courses in civics and government that President Obama phased out without explanation.

12. A law that restores all rights to felons who successfully completed their punishments (imprisonment, probation, community service, parole, etc.)

13. A law that makes it a felony crime for any elected U.S. official to participate in any foreign or domestic organization that seeks depopulation, change of the U.S. constitution, or violates any oath of office that they took.

14. A law that allows only U.S. citizens with a government-issued identification card to vote in any state or federal election.

15. A law that requires American universities to be audited and to pay taxes like any business which they really have become.

16. A law that requires every resident and business in America or registered in America or profiting in America to pay the same 10% of gross income in a flat tax rate - no exemptions nor loopholes.

17. A new law that prohibits government access nor control of any retirement fund or pension.

18. A new law that actually REQUIRES and MANDATES impeachment of any U.S. president that violates existing U.S. law as determined by a majority vote of the Supreme Court if an when any 50 Senators or 150 Congressmen file a petition for impeachment.

19. A new law that prohibits teachers from being activists or any role that can be considered or construed as being a "gender consultant" or "sexual counselor" on school or university premises.

20. A new law that requires any new Congressional bill that calls for more than $1Billion of collective expenditures of taxpayer dollars require public hearings and that the bill be published online for 30 consecutive days prior to the vote date. Public referendums can be done online with two tier verification and 256-SHA encryption.

21. A new law that requires a 5 year mandatory prison sentence without parole or probation for any elected official convicted of corruption at any level, in any branch of state or federal government.

22. A new law that limits the payment of welfare monies for more than 24 consecutive months unless the applicant is disabled and unable to work.

23. A new law that requires any person importing or selling Fentanyl to be jailed without bail and if convicted given a mandatory prison sentence of 5 years without parole or probation since they are really committing manslaughter on a totally random basis.

24. A new law that requires a convicted rapist to be chemically castrated before being released from prison.

25. A new law that requires anyone arrested for a violent crime be required to wear an ankle bracelet and a body cam 24/7 and have an 8pm curfew until their trial is completed.

More than 200 years ago, about 150,000 of our ancestors fought for our independence and freedom from the King of England over "taxation without representation". Back then the issue was a 5 pence tax on tea. Only 3% of our colonists had the courage to take up arms against the most powerful army and navy in the world - and prevailed. Yet today trillions of our tax dollars are being squandered and wasted on projects and schemes that are deliberately concealed from us in huge Omnibus bills. Corruption has become the King we must fight. New laws that are enforced will let us prevail once again. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If this new Congress doesn't do their jobs, then WE THE PEOPLE must do ours - once again.